The Best Reducing shapewear bodysuits

The best reducing shapewear bodysuits are the versatile accessories that most women use to improve their appearance. If you plan to use one, pay special attention to the product you buy. Your material must be durable and comfortable . A model that cradles and supports your back and abdomen well will also serve you well.

Reducing shapewear bodysuits
Reducing shapewear bodysuits
  1. Flexees Maidenform Women’s Shapewear

Flexees Maidenform is a breathable Women’s shaper that tones the body naturally. The hand washable nylon fabric used to make it is durable. It is also charming and has a cotton lined interior that does not irritate people while in use.

Does it have a flaccid abdomen that damages your overall style? Have you used several remedies to soften your abdomen with bad results? Flexees Maidenform Women’s shaper is a good remedy. Recommended for women of all frames , buy one to get a durable accessory made of 70% nylon and 30% elastane. The material is also flexible and has a lined interior (100% cotton) that does not scratch or irritate people.

Getting the soft “guitar” shape that most women like is not as difficult as some people think. Once you have solved your diet, buy this Flexees Maidenform Women’s shaper to facilitate the process. Cradle and control the abdomen well . It is also easy to use and remove , and has a hand washable design that people like.

The low quality belts that most people have leave bruises and irritate the skin over time. If you have such a product, replace it with this one. Its soft and comfortable interior does not harm its users in any way. It is also non-slip and has a breathable design that keeps users cool. You can take it all day without problems.

Flexees Maidenform Women’s shaper is not grouped while in use. If you are looking for a body protector that you can wear under clothing, consider buying an original one. It is also economical and has a hand washable design that allows you to clean it effortlessly.

SAYFUT Waist Trainer Corset and Body Shaper

Best offer
Due to its shorter structure, SAYFUT Waist Trainer does not adapt well to tall and skinny women. However, if you can get the right size, you will never look at another brand of reducing belts.

Registered in the US, SAYFUT is a renowned brand with some of the best Women’s body shapers on the market. Their products are very similar. They are also durable and have well-designed designs that meet the needs of most women. This corset waist trainer and body shaper is just like product. The polyamide fabric used to make it, for example, cradles the body well. It will cradle and tone your flaccid abdomen. This sash also has a decent height that supports the back and hips as well.

Do you want a slim look without paying for surgeries? Consider buying this SAYFUT waist trainer corset. It is a durable accessory. The fabric used to make it does not tear or fray over time. It also has front and back boning for support and a flexible design that does not limit user movement.

Are you struggling with weight loss? To get a waist shaper that helps you get rid of excess weight, SAYFUT is one of the best. Due to its comfortable design, it is perfect for exercise. It also fits under clothing and tones the body without irritating users.

To own this SAYFUT waist trainer, you will not spend the hundreds of dollars that some brands charge. Despite being ranked among the best modeling girdles in 2019, this product is very economical . Buy yours to get an elegant black-themed accessory that works well.

Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear

Best For Full Body

Are you looking for a flexible girdle that controls the abdomen well? To get a lasting brand that also looks good, Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear is the article for you. This is a hand washable body shaper that manages to mold your entire body in a subtle and efficient way.

What is the best full body girdle in 2019? Although many brands stand out, Maidenform Flexees is one of the best for many reasons. Its fabric, for example, is one of the most prominent. Made with 87% nylon and 13% elastane fabric, it has a soft and comfortable design that does not irritate users. If you are looking for a body protector for daily use , this is one of the best products to use. It is also light and easy to clean.

Have you been chasing the hard-to-reach hourglass figure for many years? Have you tried to exercise or pass the doctor’s knife with few results? This Maidenform Flexees Women’s shaprewear garment is a good option. In addition to its durability and comfortable design, people appreciate its performance. The 360 ​​degree firmness control offered, for example, cradles and shapes most body types. It is also compatible with the back and softens problems.

While using the girdles, most women have difficulty moving or working normally. Others have products that cluster in their abdomen or irritate them over time. To avoid these problems, buy a new Maidenform Flexees Women’s shaprewear. The four-way stretch fabric used allows you to move easily. It is also breathable and has flat seams that do not irritate users.

Do you have a tight budget? Do not buy one of the low-grade body garments that women have at home. Maidenform Flexees Women’s shaprewear , although it is more expensive than others, is a product that is worth the investment.

Bali Lace ‘N Smooth Body Briefer

More elegant

Bali, which houses some of the best comfortable bras for women, also has some of Amazon’s best-selling body shapers. This Lace ‘N Smooth model, for example, is a popular garment with a breathable full lace design.

Have you ever wondered how millions of women around the world maintain well-toned bodies without spending hours in gyms? We have the secret for you, shapers! Although ignored by some people, its versatility is impressive. They are also durable and comfortable to use. . To enjoy these benefits, buy a quality shaper like Bali Lace ‘N Smooth. With a blank design and very elegant. It is also accessible and is made of nylon fabric and spandex that lasts a long time.

The quality of Bali body shapers is impressive. This Lace ‘N Smooth model, for example, is one of the best body shapers in 2019 for many reasons. Its soft and non-irritating design is comfortable to use. It is also breathable and is made of an elastic fabric that provides firmness control at all times while in use.

In the past, many women relied on corsets to shape their bodies. Despite being effective, they felt uncomfortable. They also reduced women’s flexibility and often cut off the air supply to the brain. Bali fashion offers a different experience. It is comfortable, and controls the abdomen well without causing damage.

The most expensive body belts are not always the best. If you plan to buy one, buy smartly. Buy Bali Lace ‘N Smooth Body Briefer as an alternative for the best experience. Even if it’s economical, you get a well-designed accessory that works perfectly.

Camellias Women Seamless Body Shaper

Many people complain that the thong of this shaper is too tight to use for a long time. However, due to its superior design, the modeler itself is one of the best in this industry. Control the middle section well. Its open and breathable bust design fits under the bras, while its non-irritating fabric is ideal.

Do not use steroids to improve your perspective. Invasive remedies such as surgeries are also not ideal. To support and control your abdomen well, buying a quality girdle like Camellias is a good decision. Women of all cadres can afford one. Due to its robust design (spandex, nylon and latex), it also supports and smooths the abdomen well without irritating its users. Finally, due to its lightweight design , this garment works well under clothing. You can use it to work without any problem .

When they go to work or school, most women want to look their best. They wear good looking clothes. They also wear quality shoes that improve their style even more. To soften your flaccid abdomen, consider Camellias Seamless. Its open bust design has a sexy and perfect appearance, much sought after by most women. It is also supportive and comes in thong and panty styles.

With some brands of body shapers, women sacrifice function like that. This is not the case with this firm Camellias control device. It looks impressive on all types of bodies. It is also comfortable and has a compression fit that naturally thins the body. You can also use it to thin your waistline or accentuate your curves.

Additional Shopping Tips

Body shapers are the best kept secret to achieve the appearance of figure eight that most women crave. To get the best for everyday use, consider these below attributes the next time you shop:

Type – On the Web, you will find many types of body shapers. Full body modelers, for example, support and control the entire body. If you have a flabby abdomen that softens your self-esteem, they are among the best to use. They also support the hips and breasts well without irritating the users. Unfortunately, they are expensive and relatively difficult to use and remove. Thigh shapers and panties are also common. Smooth cellulite and pouches well. Compare your pros and cons and buy the best.

Fabric – Companies use a lot of fabrics to make their shapers. Do not buy the cheapest. To get the best body shaper for women, check your comfort. Will you enjoy wearing it for a long time? A rough or uncomfortable shaper will irritate your skin. Others hurt and / or harm people over time.

Size – When buying the best body shapers, choose a product that is the right size. Such shapers are comfortable to use. They also hug and control the body well without irritating the skin. Use the size chart of your preferred brand as a guide.

Design – Check the design of your body shaper before buying. Do you have thick seams that can irritate you? Does it roll up or stack while in use? Because body shapers are everyday garments, buy one with flat and non-irritating seams. You should also look for a brand that hugs the body well without huddling or rolling. Other user reviews will help you with this.

Do you have trouble maintaining a soft and natural looking figure? With one of the above body shapers for women we’ve reviewed in this article, you’ll always look good. They flatten the abdomen. The hips are also strengthened to improve the appearance of the users.

Best Pineapple Peeler

One of the fruits that presents the greatest difficulty in cutting and chopping is pineapple, due to the hardness of its outer shell and its central part or heart. Therefore, many people choose to buy sliced ??canned pineapples for the preparation of recipes that require this fruit. However, these presentations are often expensive and usually lose some of their properties compared to freshly cut fresh fruit. An excellent solution to obtain fresh sliced ??pineapple at the moment and with very little effort is to use a pineapple cutter or peeler, which is an instrument that allows clean and effective cuts in a practical way.

Best Pineapple Peeler

What is the best pineapple peeler on the market?

If you like tropical fruits, you’re sure to enjoy a refreshing and healthy pineapple-based dessert. Although the market offers pineapple already peeled and cut into cans, the truth is that there is nothing like a good fresh and natural pineapple to take advantage of all its properties in addition to enjoying fresh fruit. But preparing and peeling the pineapple is not a simple task and it is that the rough and prickly skin is very difficult to remove completely and your hard heart is very unpleasant to eat and complicated to eliminate without destroying the pulp, so if you like to eat Pineapple is essential for you to have a good pineapple peeler so you always get the results you need.

That is why and in your comparison of pineapple peelers only include those of superior quality, we have prepared this guide to buy the best pineapple peeler with tips so that your purchase is always worth it.

Shopping guide

Whatever type of pineapple peeler you choose, something important that you should always keep in mind is that it is made of quality materials. In the market you can find from the cheap pineapple peeler in normal metal that, let’s be honest, will spoil with the washings and the passage of time, to the toughest made of stainless steel, the highest price if you worry how much it costs , which will allow you to give it many years of use with a high quality of cut, going through the plastic pineapple peeler that really is just as useful and almost as resistant as the others and that has a moderate price.

Choose, therefore, according to your preferences and how much you are willing to pay for it and above all, if you plan to use it often, it is better that you always opt for the stainless steel models that guarantee a long product life.

Types of pineapple cut
We know that all the pineapple peelers in the market not only manage to peel the piece of fruit correctly but also get perfect pineapple wheels eliminating the hard center of it, but not all pineapple peelers are limited to this and it is that many also They include a pineapple cutter or chopper that manages to chop these wheels so that they are left as you canned in the supermarket. If you only need to peel the pineapple it is not necessary to look for models with this accessory. Otherwise, if you like to consume it split, the best and most practical is that, the chosen model includes this additional cutter.

If you want to have a complete kit to prepare your pineapple, it is best to opt for those models that offer you as many accessories as possible. While some models only include the peeler itself, others do not include the pineapple chopper, some even include a comfortable container in which to keep your peeled pineapple in the fridge. So if you are a lover of this tropical fruit and consume it frequently, it is best to buy one of these complete models.

As always when we talk about an accessory for the kitchen, that this is simple to clean is extremely important since the accumulation of waste can be a great danger to our health. As for the pineapple peelers, these must be able to be disassembled so that they can always be completely cleaned and remain perfect after each use. Ideally, these can be washed in the dishwasher, so stainless steel models are the most recommended not only in quality but also in ease of cleaning and maintenance.

The most popular brands

If you are a pineapple enthusiast, surely on more than one occasion you have encountered difficulty peeling it. Not surprisingly, it is a fruit with a fairly hard crust, so even with a knife it could resist.

Hence, pineapple peelers have emerged, kitchen utensils that make this task as easy as possible. They not only peel the fruit, but also chop it. So, in just a few moments, you will be ready to savor it. There are several brands that sell these products, although Statko, Jocca and Lacor are some of the most popular.

Statko is a brand of kitchenware that began selling in the United States. Finally, he decided to make the leap to Europe, where he is also reaping successes, as expected. The company ensures that each of the products it sells is inspected to ensure that the customer always receives the best quality at the best price. The result is more users satisfied with their purchase.

In its catalog we find all kinds of kitchen utensils, such as bowls, plates, containers, glasses and articles for cutting and peeling fruits and / or vegetables. In this sense, one of Statko’s best-known products are pineapple peelers, made of stainless steel and providing extreme precision. The best thing is that its operation is very simple. They are designed to cut the pineapple in a spiral and hardly any fruit is discarded.

The brand, in this sense, is proud to offer products of this type, practical and comfortable, which significantly improve the day-to-day life of people.

Easy to use
When we do with a Best pineapple peeler it is precisely to facilitate the work of peeling the pineapple because if you do not have the right tool it can be a very tedious task. Therefore, when we buy a pineapple peeler, we hope that this will make the task easier for us, making eating fresh pineapple pleasant and simple. These cutters are often used by wrist movement. The cutting disc or blade is introduced into the pineapple while turning the handle with the wrist. This procedure will be easier if the blades are sharp or serrated and the handle has an ergonomic design that allows you to hold it firmly.

What is the best pineapple peeler of 2019?

Pineapple is a really delicious fruit and full of nutritional properties that will help us feel healthy, deflated and full of life. But this large fruit often makes us have headaches when it comes to peel it and make it perfect, without the unpleasant hard center and without a trace of skin, so choose the use of a pineapple peeler from which We are currently in the market will be a great idea. To find the best pineapple peeler and always get perfect results, so take a look and decide which model you like best because with any of them you will be right.

Pineapple is a really delicious fruit and full of nutritional properties that will help us feel healthy, deflated and full of life. But this large fruit often makes us have headaches when it comes to peel it and make it perfect, without the unpleasant hard center and without a trace of skin, so choose the use of a pineapple peeler from which We are currently in the market will be a great idea. To find the best pineapple peeler and always get perfect results we have prepared for you this relationship with the five best clippers of 2019, so take a look and decide which model you like best because with any of them you will be right.

How to use a pineapple peeler

From fruits we get high levels of nutrients and minerals that bring great benefits to our body, so it is important to include them in our diet. Pineapples, for example, in addition to delicious are refreshing, but their bark makes it a bit complicated to process. To solve this problem are pineapple peelers and here we will tell you how to use them.

Choose the pineapple
While this may not seem important, it is. Choosing the pineapple well will allow you, in the first place, to see if it has adequate ripening to consume it. To do this, look carefully at its bark; This must be completely yellow. If you have green parts, you better choose another one.

In this way you can avoid encountering a pineapple that is overripe, already entering the degeneration process that changes its flavor and consistency, that is, not suitable for consumption.

Prepare the pineapple
After selecting the pineapple you are going to peel, you must prepare it before using the peeler. Start by cutting the stem that has this fruit on top and discard it. Then wash it well to remove any pesticide residue you may have to avoid contamination. If you want to dry it or let it dry if you have no trouble peeling it.

Use the peeler
Having everything ready is time to use your peeler. To start, make a cut at the top of the pineapple to remove that crust and expose the center of the fruit. Support the pineapple on a stable table or base; take the peeler and nail it in the center of the fruit. Your small dentures should adhere well.

Then, start pushing the peeler into the pineapple as you turn it; It is a similar process to using a corkscrew. Hold the pineapple firmly so you don’t have problems while making the turns. The peeler will sink into the pineapple separating the pulp from the hard crust.

When the blade reaches the end of the pineapple you must extract the cutter in which the spiral-shaped pulp will be ready for the use you will give it. Discard the bark.

Keep clean
After using your peeler, inevitably there will be remains of the fruit that often adhere to small crevices that this device has. The problem is that if you do not clean it properly, these remains degrade causing the cutter to acquire a bad smell; In addition, it alters the properties of the fruit that you process at another time.

To clean it, disassemble its parts and put them in the dishwasher to remove all debris that may remain in the cutter.

Care you should have
Keep children away from this utensil, as their sharp blades can cause cuts, so you should also take precautions when using it. Store it in a dry place, since when exposed to moisture, it can cause oxidation in its structure even when the manufacturing materials are of high quality.

CeraVe Moisturizer Cream Review

CeraVe is a brand that was born in 2005 in the United States and is a super hit over there, because it has a very interesting quality: it was developed with dermatologists and all its products contain a mixture of 3 essential ceramides that repair and maintain the natural protective barrier Looking health

CeraVe Moisturizer Cream
CeraVe Moisturizer Cream

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream Review

Two of its most iconic products are the Moisturizer and the Moisturizing Lotion , which I gave myself to the task of trying to share my personal experience with you.

The CeraVe Moisturizing Cream hydrates effectively while helping to repair the barrier of the skin. It is especially for dry to very dry skin, perfect for people who feel dry, itchy or prone to psoriasis (mild scales and dry spots with itching).

It contains the CeveVe MVE® Technology, which consists in the controlled release of a hydration that lasts up to 24 hours. It is also enriched with hyaluronic acid, which helps maintain the skin’s natural hydration. And it is a formula that treats the skin with delicacy, since it does not dry or irritate it in any way. All this in addition to the 3 ceramides of CeraVe.

But what are ceramides?

Ceramides are lipids that are found naturally in the skin – they are essential to ensure the health of the skin barrier and to maintain hydration. Without ceramides, our skin may have dry areas, ease of reaction to contact with the environment, and irritations.

The 3 ceramides that contain the CeraVe Moisturizer cream, and that it shares with all the other products of the brand, are ceramides 1, 3 and 6-II. In combination they help replenish existing ceramides in the skin, calming it and reducing the lack of hydration.

CeraVe Moisturizer Cream
CeraVe Moisturizer Cream

My experience with CeraVe cream
I was given the task of trying CeraVe Moisturizing Cream on the body, since my skin suffers from dryness. I generally know that I have it dehydrated because I see a lot of red dots in my arms mainly, so I had the perfect excuse to check its results.

When opening the jar I loved not having any aroma, the cream has no perfume, and I think the idea is great because I am not a super fan of smelling creams. I prefer to leave that task to my fragrances, and on the other hand the absence of fragrance also means that it does not contain aromatic ingredients that can be irritating to the skin.

I thought that when I touched it I would feel the formula very dense because of its solid white appearance, but to my surprise it has different facets. Upon contact with the fingers to remove from the jar the product is very manageable and silky texture, and at the time of distribution in the skin you can feel it “melts” and becomes much lighter, distributing very easily and absorbing very quickly.

I expected the opposite, since as it is a product rich in hydration, textures tend to be much more difficult to handle and leave a greasy feeling – CeraVe Moisturizer cream is the opposite.

It often happens to me that after a few hours, especially if I am outside, my skin feels cracked and the effects of body moisturizers have vanished. This cream does not allow that to happen, I felt softness in my legs and arms from morning to night.

CeraVe moisturizing lotion
I also tried the CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion , and it is a super different texture than the cream in the jar. It is much lighter, it looks more like a gel and, although it contains the same ingredients as its sister, its formula is restructured in an oil-free version , to turn it into a lighter product that prevents skin pores from getting clog

Both fulfilled their promise to maintain hydration and make my skin look healthier, but like everything in beauty I believe that everything falls to the tastes – so if you have very dry skin and prefer denser textures I recommend the CeraVe moisturizer Cream ; If on the contrary you have normal to dry skin and prefer light textures, you will love CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion.

How to use the cream and moisturizing lotion of CeraVe
Both CeraVe products can be used both on the body and on the face , during the day or at night. In my opinion I obtained better results using it on clean skin just after leaving the shower, when thanks to the steam of a warm bath the pores of the skin are more willing to receive greater hydration.

A personal tip is that before going to sleep, use a thick layer of Wax Moisturizing Cream in areas with greater dryness, such as elbows, knees and heels, so that you benefit from its ingredients and wake up with restored skin .

A cream that I love and after trying it a few times I know that it will not be missing in my bathroom, it leaves our skin care totally nape and ready to start a new day the family loves it and they can’t be happier.
The feeling that leaves you on the skin is indescribable, apart from the fact that the results are looked at, I love it for sure. I will repeat for sure, very good results, easy application, unbeatable smell, texture and feeling very fresh and light, it has everything!

The Giant Float Diamond Ring

Give the “yes” to spend the summer in the sea or the pool with this giant float Diamond ring  with a large diamond.

giant diamond ring float
giant diamond ring float


We present the most original engagement ring. A float that has the shape of a giant diamond ring. The ring is golden in color to look like gold and at the top it has a huge boulder simulating the diamond.

Celebrate your commitment to summer, sun and fun with this original giant float in the shape of an engagement ring. Gilded and crowned with a huge diamond, it is an ideal accessory for the beach, the pool and parties in style.

The giant diamond ring float is made with very durable and durable vinyl, it is very easy to clean and store and measures 109 centimeters in diameter. To inflate it, we recommend using an electric pump so you do not hyperventilate, more than anything …Giant Float Diamond Ring

This summer you will reign on social networks with this float designed to enjoy summer big time

If you want to ask for an original marriage or you want to make a joke to your friends, bachelor party or just relax on a giant diamond, this is your float.

Get on the giant diamond ring float and you will be the most fun of the beach or pool. This summer, enjoy like never before!

Giant Float Diamond Ring

Who can like it?
Those who like to make jokes with friends and family. You can also like those people who are passionate about jewelry.

It is an ideal float that can serve us in pool parties (parties with swimming pool), on the beach or as a decoration on a hand request.

Material: Vinyl
Inflatable / Inflatable
Dimensions approx. Swollen: 157.48 x 109.22 x 58.42 cm
Easy to clean, inflate / deflate and store

Who can I give it to?
It is the perfect gift to give your friends more shirts and swimmers this summer.


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Colourworks Silicone Splatter Screen

I have a lot of kitchen craft products and I love them, the touch of the silicone is very comfortable, like rubber and also give me a touch of color and joy in the kitchen. Colourworks Silicone Splatter Screen is a very useful cover for when you cook with the pan that does not splash, but when having holes, the food does not cook. It is great to wash in the dishwasher. I have one myself and another my mother and we are delighted, we use them a lot.

Colourworks Silicone Splatter Screen

It has exceeded my expectations, perfectly controls the splashes without accumulating steam, cleans easily and adapts to any size of pan.

Colourworks Silicone Splatter Screen comes with Good diameter and is made with good materials. I hope it lasts what it seems.

No major complaint, it fulfills its role correctly. It allows frying without even a drop of oil from the pan.

I used it a lot and for now it’s like the first day, Colourworks Silicone Splatter Screen does not let much steam go by and it seems that things are cooked and not grilled. It also does not let the oil that leaps out.

There is also not much to say, a silicone lid with handle, ideal for cooking does not splash.

I used it so far only a couple of times, but it is very useful because I do not have all the greasy cooking when I fry something.

Here are the specifications for the Colourworks Silicone Splatter Screen CWSPLATTERPURAnti-splash screen :

  • Designed for use on hot pans, frying pans and woks to stop oil and hot watter splashes
  • Flexible, hygienic, long-handle silicone protective screen
  • Heat Resistant to 260 C heat (500 F)
  • Can be coordinated with other elements of the Colourworks range
  • Silicone surface is non-stick, so really easy to clean

Comments :

  • Steam does not come out
  • It’s going very well, it responds to what I needed
  • Best Colourworks Silicone Splatter Screen CWSPLATTERPUR – Anti-splash screen, purple

Le Creuset of America Pepper Mill

Le Creuset of America Pepper Mill

The Le Creuset of America Pepper Mill is very beautiful and gives a “decorative” touch in the kitchen. It seems that durable, since the materials are of very good quality, it does not get stuck, and it is really easy to “recharge”.

I have a creuset pepper grinder, so I know the high quality they offer. The shipment has been made within the stipulated deadlines and without setbacks, arriving the product in perfect condition. A highly recommended product if you are looking for a Mill to grind salt at a very good price. Other grinders end up giving problems, the salt is very corrosive and finishes polishing the grinding wheel, for the moment, with this product is not being given the case, and I use it daily.

I bought the set of salt and pepper grinders for a gift, I do not know if the recipient liked it but I loved the color and as I know the quality of the creuset products, it is a luxury gift.

It has fulfilled my expectations perfect functions very well and is beautiful.

With a design worthy of him creuset. There is also one salt with an ‘s’ to make a partner, without other clear changes in the design. It was for a gift and it was phenomenal. For any kitchen it is a nice touch.

It is a whim more than anything else, they are very nice and have an exceptional finish like everything in the brand. It has enough capacity and you can regulate the milling with the top pivot, for my taste sometimes I want something loose but I am satisfied with the final result.

The quality of the Le Creuset of America Pepper Mill is exceptional, very good finish and very good grinding of the salt without the need to continually tighten the screw that regulates the thickness of the ground grain. As for the price on the line of this brand, quality is always paid and does not usually disappoint. I recommend it without any doubt.

The Le Creuset of America Pepper Mill is of good quality, it looks like resin and very beautiful. The negative point is that it came wrapped in a shabby plastic bag and looked like a flea market. I wanted to give it away and I had to stay for the presentation. That’s why I do not give it 5 stars. A box is the minimum for a product that claims to be high-end.

Needless to say without a doubt this is the best, its price says it.

Perfect, two types of grinding, as you turn left or right. It is also very aesthetic and has an adequate size for kitchen and table.

It is very beautiful and also has the quality of the brand.

The top 5 best pressure cookers 2018 – comprehensive Guide

5 best pressure cookers

You want to buy the 5 best pressure cookers. Or the best pressure cooker. Besides, what’s the difference?
The principle of pressure cooking was discovered in the 17th century by Denis Papin. The pressure cooker is a designated appliance, created and patented by the Seb brand. For all other brands, only the term pressure cooker is available.

A pressure cooker is a pressure cooker , and vice versa, at least in everyday language. Because it is not only Seb that offers such a device, Tefal and Instant Pot , to name a few, also offers  5 best pressure cookers

To accompany you in your purchase, I offer a complete guide on pressure cookers in kitchen . You’ll find everything and even more to compare the pressure cookers and to buy the best device.

What is a pressure cooker?

A pressure cooker is a cooking appliance that allows you to steam, boil, simmer or sterilize jars . It mainly allows the use of pressure for cooking up to three times faster than conventional cooking.

It is a device that was marketed in its current form in the 1950s and was an immediate success. Because it not only allows you to cook faster, but it is no longer necessary to monitor the cooking.

How to choose your pressure cooker?

In addition to the price, which should always take the time to consult, I propose a series of comparison criteria. The pressure cookers are devices whose operation is always the same, but which, over time, are enriched with options and more or less relevant elements. It’s up to you to find what you need.

The capacity
The pressure cookers can have a capacity ranging from 3 to 10 liters. It is considered that 4 liters are suitable for 2 to 4 people and that 8 liters can cook for 5 to 8 people. Some models are identical in design, but with different capacities.

Cooking modes
It’s about looking at the number of programs and the difference between them. Indeed, if by default the pressure cooker allows to cook pressure, more and more models offer variations.

The opening system
There are various systems of opening / closing the casserole, which are often linked to the brand, each with its small specificities. The ideal is to turn to a system that can be manipulated with one hand. The other hand can hold the dish for ease.

Compatibility with cooking fires
This is a detail that does not interest everyone. But if you have induction hobs, make sure the pressure cooker of your dreams is suitable for all types of fires. The information must be specifically mentioned: “compatible with induction hobs”.

The options
One of the most common options is the presence of a timer. Otherwise, opportunities are rare, but manufacturers know how to be imaginative.

Security systems
A pressure cooker is a pressure cooker that can be dangerous. In addition to the basic safety rules during cooking, it is best to opt for a device that is difficult to open, especially if you live with children.
Indeed, simply lifting the lid during cooking can cause severe burns.

So all pressure cookers are secure, but some more than others.

The top 5 best pressure cookers 2018  Selling in

I suggest you take a quick tour of the best pressure cookers, appliances rated by consumers. You will find a wide variety of devices in a constantly updated selection.

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Why buy an electric pressure cooker?
For many people, the pressure cooker is essential in a kitchen. Indeed, it allows to divide by three the cooking time . So it only takes 10 minutes for steamed potatoes.

In addition, the device requires to remain closed during all the cooking, so we can go to other occupations. It’s even easier to do with devices with a timer.

Where to buy a pressure cooker?
The pressure cookers are sold everywhere, in hypermarkets or supermarkets, Amazon and many others.

The price of a pressure cooker?
A pressure cooker is a relatively economical cooking appliance . It is within the reach of all and I must say that no woman from the Mediterranean could cook without!

A cheap pressure cooker costs around 59-69$. For the most advanced models, it costs up to 180 $. In general for this price, we take advantage of various options as a timer.

Where to find a cheap pressure cooker?
To find a pressure cooker cheap and good quality, there are no secrets: it will have to wait. Indeed, the easiest way to see the price fall is to take advantage of balances, Black Friday and end of series. We can also take advantage of specials on Amazon, which are very variable from one product to another and throughout the year.

How to use a pressure cooker?
The principle of the casserole is really simple.

We start by depositing a bottom of water, then we set up the steam basket. The various ingredients are then put in the basket. The pressure cooker is closed and we start to heat. As soon as the assembly is under pressure , air escapes and a hissing sound is heard.

It is only from this moment that we count the cooking time.
Before opening the casserole, remember to let the appliance cool to avoid accidents.

On the maintenance side, the pressure cooker can be put in the dishwasher . Just think about changing the joint every year . And if you are afraid of not finding the right model, buy the right seal directly with your new casserole and set it aside.

The different types of pressure cookers
In general when one thinks pressure cooker, one visualizes a type model pressure cooker. But there are other types of pressure cookers, to know before buying.

Electric pressure cooker
The pressure cooker is almost a multicooker. It works with electricity and does not need an external heat source.

Steam pressure cooker
The steam cooker is an electrical appliance that is composed of one or more baskets. It is also presented as a steamer because it does not allow any other cooking.

Induction pressure cooker
We speak of pressure cooker for induction when we highlight the fact that it is possible to use this type of pressure cooker on induction plates. But this also means that it is suitable for all other types of fires.

Multifunction pressure cooker
The multifunction pressure cooker is also called multicooker . It allows you to prepare dishes from very different cooking, such as steaming or simmered dishes.

What can be cooked in a pressure cooker?
The pressure cooker is primarily based on pressure cooking. This makes it possible to speed up the cooking of potatoes, artichokes, cauliflowers, beets or even chickpeas and chestnuts.

With a good recipe book for pressure cooker, you can engage in many dishes . Some only use this as soon as they receive guests. One can thus launch into a pot in the fire, a veal blanquette, beef bourguignon, the tongue of beef, the hen with the pot, the calf’s head, the roast pork, etc.

Be careful, only the rice cooker can make Japanese rice, sushi rice.

How to clean a pressure cooker?
First of all we avoid scratching the bottom of the pressure cooker to avoid damaging the coating. If the food has attached, use a wooden spatula to remove the larger one. Then a mixture of water and baking soda can be boiled for one minute. Or we can let stand white vinegar mixed with hot water.

And for daily maintenance, it is done gently, in the same way that we clean the pans.

What I like
The main advantage is the simplicity of use . We prepare the ingredients, we put them all in the casserole and you’re done. In addition if you do not know where to start, there are many cooking sites that share recipes. This is one of the advantages of buying a device that is over 60 years old.

Moreover the fast cooking time and the possibility of cooking a lot of dishes, makes that the whole family appreciates it quickly.

What I do not like
There is a hand to take to cook with a pressure cooker. It’s about knowing the recipes, but also the cooking times and not getting lost. In other words, devices with smart timers are really the most convenient to use.

I must say that preparing this article for you, made me want to spend in the kitchen! I dream of a good chicken with pineapple …

And I hope that soon you can also enjoy the good dishes that your pressure cooker will help you prepare.

Make Great Meals in Half the Time with a Pressure Cooker




In addition to muscle your thighs, buttocks and abs impressively, cycling is a means of green transportation and a pleasant activity with friends or family. The goal is to show that cycling is a great way to get around everyday. So, here are good reasons to adopt the bike as a daily mode of travel. If you still have to convince yourself, here are some good reasons to Ride a Bike again!

1. Ride a bike makes you happier!

The study by Portland doctoral student Oliver Smith (2012) proves that cyclists are the happiest “commuters”! Traveling to work with an active mode of travel, deciding time, distance, etc. promotes health and well-being .

2. Cycling is good for you :

By cycling in the morning, all our senses are on alert and our reflexes are activated.

At the same time, the practice of regular exercise promotes the release of endomorphins, the pleasure hormone. Thus, the practitioners of a regular physical exercise note many benefits in everyday life (better shape, restful sleep, strengthening of the immune system) and in the long term the scientific studies prove that a regular daily exercise lengthens the life expectancy.

Biking is a sport that helps reduce cardiovascular risk, work the heart and develop physical endurance. In addition, the bike improves blood circulation in the legs, which can promote the reduction of cellulite.

3. Cycling is a sport :

Regular cycling helps to tone and sculpt the silhouette while burning calories

Cycling is an anti-cellulite sport.

If you are looking for an anti-cellulite sport , look no further! The bike is a sport of endurance, fat burning and focused on the lower body, it is the ideal weapon to make the skin with dimples.

The bike to spend calories.
It takes longer to be tired during a bike session than during a swim or race. As a result, you can ride a bike longer and burn more calories .

But then, how long does cycling take to burn a maximum of calories?

To give you an idea, in 1 hour of cycling, a woman of about 60 kilos burns:

– 354 slow-paced calories (between 16 and 19km / h)
– 472 calories at a moderate pace (between 19 and 22 km / h)
– 590 calories at a vigorous pace (between 22 and 25 km / h)
– 408 calories at a speed of race (between 25 and 30 km / h)

Even at a leisure trip, less than 16km / h, you still burn 236 calories in one hour.

Cycling means working on cardio.
It has been said and it is repeated: working the cardio is ideal to lose weight and eliminate toxins, but also to develop endurance and strengthen the heart.

But cycling is cardio.

4. Cycling: other benefits as a bonus

You can ride a bike by visiting beautiful places.

Unlike a swimming session , where the landscape comes down to the tiles at the bottom of the pool, or an indoor sports session, where we no longer see the day, the bike can enjoy the scenery.

All the more so when you bike, you travel far more distances than on foot or running.

Tip: prepare your circuits in advance, according to the distances you are willing to cover. There are bound to be pretty things to see around your home.

You can ride a bike all the time.
With cycling, you do not have to wonder how many times a week you have to ride a bike , because you can do it ALL THE TIME.

Some of the Cycling Celebrities


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Ottolock cinch lock Review

Ottolock cinch lock

The OTTOLOCK is a Cinch Combo Lock that consists of multiple layers of highly hardened steel bands reinforced with Kevlar and covered in Santoprene plastic to protect your bike from damage.

Light, compact and easy to use – that’s the OTTOLOCK combination lock for all sport and leisure activities. The lock is designed for short-stop security and protecting against theft opportunists. The compact OTTOLOCK security strap is more robust than you would suggest from its look – it easily withstands tensile forces of over 200 kg. Several high-strength fabric layers inside the abrasion-proof plastic make it very cut-resistant.

Use OTTOLOCK to secure bikes, ski / snow equipment, luggage, tools, camping equipment, surfboards, canoes / kayaks or other outdoor items you want to lock in a safe and easy way. The OTTO lock seems to handle screwdriver and wire cutter attacks. The highly hardened steel strips are very thin and layered, so that the lock is still flexible and flexible. Robust, yet resistant to cutting thanks to Kevlar reinforcement.

Despite the high security this compact lock offers, it is lightweight and flexible to perfectly fit into jersey pockets and saddle bags. Besides, you don’t need any key to open it (that tends to get lost easily). Simply choose an individual code and let it click into place – done. With the clever OTTOLOCK strap, there’s no more reason why you shouldn’t secure your bike.

The locking head has a three-digit combination lock that can be adjusted to the numbers of your choice. While the current version is made of aluminum, the team at OTTO DesignWorks says it can use zinc for the production version as “weight is very important”.

It is available in three colors and three lengths
Available in three lengths 18in (45cm), 30in (76cm) and 60in (150cm) and three colors the OTTOLOCK should satisfy the needs of both the Lycra Brigade and the occasional rider.

The OTTO DesignWorks team places the OTTOLOCK cinch lock somewhere between a cable lock and a U-Lock in terms of security. While we do not even have a hand to test when the bolt cutters they touch the tape with the campaign video, all indications are, it’s a sure bet that your bike will still be where you are going when you leave the cafe.

Ottolock cinch lock

The lock is small and flexible enough to roll up to the size of a 700c tube and will easily fit in a jersey pocket or saddlebag.

OTTOLOCK cinch lock points out that all locks can be compromised with the right tools and enough time, but they have tested the tape for cutting (bolt cutters, wire cutters, single and compound shears), tape torsion, picking head pegs, head impact and assembly traction tensile test. After its review, the current version of the OTTOLOCK has undergone 20 iteration cycles, five locking head designs and it takes over 400 pounds of force to pull the lock apart – the company says the production version exceeds this figure.

Details of OTTOLOCK cinch lock:
· Security strap with combo lock
· 3-digit code (1000 different combinations possible)
· Easy to use, even with gloves on
· Very light and packable (coils to a diameter under 8 cm)
· Made of several flexible band layers
· High protection against cutting with pliers or saw
· Silicone band to fix the strap
· Paint-friendly plastic coating made of Santoprene®
· Thermally formed, abrasion-resistant teeth
· Shape-retaining in heat and cold
· Resistant to corrosion, weather and wear
· Multi-layer steel and Kevlar® bands
· Lock body made of impact-resistant aluminium, coated with Cerakote®
· Combination lock individually adjustable
· For versatile use – sport, leisure and travel
· Medium security level for short-stop security
· Dimensions: 18 mm wide band in different lengths
· The effective length is 3 cm below the total length
· Weight: approx. 120 g (46 cm), 155 g (76 cm)
· Without mount

TIP: For the locking OTTOLOCK cinch lock mount to attach your OTTOLOCK to the frame or seat post of your bike

Note: Make sure to fix all bands of the lock with the strap for transport. Fasten the lock bands as tight as possible when locking the lock to offer as little attack surface as possible.

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Nikon Coolpix P1000 camera with world record zoom optically increases up to 125x

Nikon Coolpix P1000 Camera Review

Nikon Coolpix P1000 camera with world record zoom optically increases up to 125x : Coolpix P1000 Review 

The just announced Nikon Coolpix P1000 puts the crown on the madness: The bridge camera comes with an optical 125x zoom, covering a record-breaking focal length range. The Nikon Coolpix P1000 proves to be heavy and expensive.

Nikon Coolpix P1000 Camera Review

Nikon Coolpix P1000: When it comes to the zoom length

The Nikon Coolpix P1000 sets a new world record: The optical zoom covers the focal length range 24 to 3,000 mm. No, this is not a typo. The successor model of the Coolpix P900 actually zooms 1,000 mm further. This is likely to allow owners to shoot portraits of airplane pilots in the air. Crazy? Definitely!

If you want to go further, switch on the digital zoom of the Nikon Coolpix P1000. While twice with the equivalent of 6,000 mm focal length only a little deteriorate the image quality, the digital quadruple magnification with de facto 12,000 mm is aimed primarily at experimental photographers. Either way, the optical zoom is rather faint: f / 2.8 in the wide angle, f / 8 in the telephoto. In view of the extremely long focal length, it’s still neat, but should be used at full zoom at most under glaring sunlight. The basic rule “shutter speed corresponds to 1/35 mm focal length” when shooting from the hand, users need at least a 1 / 3.000 seconds for sharp shots.

Nikon Coolpix P1000 Camera Review

Nikon Coolpix P1000: Big, heavy, expensive

The shutter speed slightly down or screw up the VR image stabilizer. According to the manufacturer, at least five f-stops longer exposures are possible. This would be possible at full focal length exposure at only about 1/100 second. In theory, of course. On the one hand, a high-resolution OLED viewfinder with 2.3 million subpixels and a pleasantly large 0.68-fold magnification serves to find the subject. On the other hand, a swiveling and also sharp 3.2-inch screen on the back. A touch function seems to be missing. This should be missed especially filmmakers who are allowed to record in Ultra HD with up to 30 frames per second.

Photos shows the back-illuminated BSI sensor at 16 megapixels. Since the image sensor measures only 1 / 2.3 inches, probably one or the other should probably consider the ISO range of 100 to 6,400, especially in the higher photosensitivity ranges somewhat suspicious. Anyway, at the latest in the activatable RAW format, users can decide themselves on the noise level. However, only JPEGs can be wirelessly transmitted via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi via the SnapBridge interface.

Nikon Coolpix P1000 Camera Review


Speaking of mobility: The Nikon Coolpix P1000 does not build so handy-compact on the go despite its classification. For me about 1.4 kilograms and a filter diameter of 77 mm, the bridge camera is one of the heaviest of its kind. The price is also bulky. From mid-September, For those are interested should be allowed to zoom with the Nikon Coolpix P1000.