Ambi Climate 2, AI-powered smart air conditioner controller Review

Ambi Climate 2 is the device that resurrects your old conditioner, transforming it into a connected and intelligent peripheral.

Ambi Climate 2 Review
Ambi Climate 2 Review

Fashion has exploded from home automation, understood as the application of information technology and electronics to the management of the home. If on the one hand new buildings are specially designed for this purpose, it is more difficult to transform a traditional home into smart homes. Ambi Climate 2, limited to air conditioners, really manages to transform the old device into a connected device. Here’s how and why.

What is Ambi Climate 2?

Ambi Climate 2 is a small hub, with a very elegant and modern shape and minimal features. Substantially, thanks to the IR sensors positioned on the top, it reproduces the IR commands that would be given by the traditional remote control. However, it connects to the Internet, and this allows you to send these commands from a smartphone, even remotely, through a dedicated application. In summary: Ambi Climate 2 connects to the internet, receives wireless commands from the smartphone, sends them to the air conditioner via IR sensors.

Ambi Climate 2 Review
Ambi Climate 2 Review

This simple operation has the advantage of transforming a large variety of air conditioners (here to check compatibility), even rather dated, into really connected peripherals. We tested it with an old “Toshiba”, produced in years when home automation was not remotely conceivable: Ambi Climate 2 revives old air conditioners to new life, making them feel young again in the era of home automation.

First configuration

To be really smart, any accessory, must have, among many others, also a main feature: the simplicity of configuration and use. Smart means intelligent, and to be really such, it must have the ability to be simple and accessible to everyone. Ambi Climate 2 succeeds in the enterprise.

Configuring it is very simple. First of all, it must be connected to a source of electricity. In our case, we connected it via USB to a Mac, just because of the air conditioner to be controlled. In the package, however, there is also a wall outlet, as well as the MicroUSB cable. This is done by downloading the AmbiClimate app, available for free in the App Store and Google Play.
From here you can click on add device, having to follow a few simple steps: enter the access key of your router, so as to combine Ambi Climate to your network, and enter the code of your air conditioner. Stop, Ambi Climate 2 is ready for use.


Ambi Climate 2 is compatible with a very large number of air conditioners. Basically with all those who have a remote control with LCD display. At this address , however, you can specifically check whether the model of your air conditioner is supported.

Ambi Climate 2 Review
Ambi Climate 2 Review

You must then have WiFi access to the network and an iOS smartphone with at least iOS 9 installed, or Android 4.1 or later.

How does it work

First of all, as already mentioned, Ambi Climate 2 works as a simple bridge, between the commands given by the smartphone via the network, and those to be sent to the air conditioner through IR pulses. Through the “Mode” button on the application it will be possible to click “Manual” to switch the air conditioner on at a certain temperature, then turning it off using the OFF key. Already this simple function, however, allows you to turn on / off the air conditioner without having to be physically in the room to be cooled / heated, being able to activate the cooling / heating even before you get home.

Ambi Climate 2 Review
Ambi Climate 2 Review

If you feel too hot or too cold, just tell Ambi it, via the app. After that, Ambi will correct the temperature and use your feedback forward to set your heat pump or air conditioning. That way, you get optimal comfort and save money at the same time as you avoid overheating or overload cooling

There are, however, no automated functions, such as the ability to set timers, so as to turn on and off the air conditioner automatically, being able to always manage remotely through the app.

Artificial intelligence

Not only does Ambi Climate 2 worry about turning the old conditioner into a connected device, but it does so by adding support to Artificial Intelligence. The device, in fact, offers the user different modes of operation, to offer maximum comfort, analyzing the data of local temperature, habits and preferences of users.


The first intelligent mode is the one called “Comfort”, which, based on the parameters of the detected temperatures, sets an ideal temperature for the room, adjusting the air conditioner accordingly. In this mode the user can intervene by giving the app and feedback system to set the best algorithm that will automatically adjust the temperature at home.


Second mode is the one called “Temperatures”; here the user will select the target to be reached, and IA will adjust the air conditioner accordingly.

Outside the house

Third mode is the “Fuori casa”, which allows to optimize consumption but to keep the environment in which you will return rather comfortable, so as not to make it too cold or too hot. In our case, having the air conditioner in a glassed room placed on a small terrace, the option is among the most useful: it avoids the sun-exposed room to become incandescent and damage the electronic devices inside.

Manual mode

The simplest, and actually the most used: the smartphone turns into the remote control of the air conditioner, to set temperature, and other parameters, such as the direction of the fins.


Not only does Ambi Climate 2 transform the obsolete air conditioner into a new generation smart, but it also provides various analyzes on different temperatures and statistics. It is possible, in fact, to see the humidity and temperature statistics, both internal and external, in daily charts, to evaluate the time of use of the air conditioner, seeing the times of use for each mode.

Do not miss a chronology, always divided by day, relating to the temperatures detected inside the room, and those perceived outside, as well as there is a log of the uses of Ambi Climate 2, with a detailed log of the ignitions, and how to ignition of the air conditioner.


Little gem, not of negligible importance, is given by the support of Ambi Climate 2 to IFTTT, a platform that allows to automate even more the functioning of connected peripherals. In our case we have created Google Assistant voice commands to turn the air conditioner on or off, but do not miss the possibility to request vocally to start the various modes listed above. With a Google Home placed in the salon, we are able to manage the air conditioner with ease.


Really an intelligent device. Ambi Climate 2 makes smart air conditioner products in the “prehistoric” era, in which a smart home was not even remotely conceivable. It does this in total simplicity, with a reasonable price. Statistics and learning functions work, although they will probably be more interesting in a large office setting, for more professional use. At home, at the end, Ambi Climate 2 will be used in a simpler and more straightforward way: just to switch on and adjust the temperature from a smartphone. In any case, an idea to reward, at the right cost.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Really Smart
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Appropriate price



  • User guide in English only


Ambi is compatible with more than 50 of the biggest brands in heat pumps and air conditioning. In addition, it is incredibly easy to install and connect to your heat pump. Ambi Climate communicates with your heat pump via infrared signal, in the same way as the remote control supplied with the heat pump. Therefore, no cable connection to the device must be established and it can be placed in any place in the room, just it can “see” the heat pump.

Really an intelligent device. Ambi Climate 2 makes smart conditioner products in the “prehistoric” era, in which a smart home was not even remotely conceivable. It does this in total simplicity, with a reasonable price.

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