Avantree torpedo plus review

Avantree torpedo plus review , the Avantree mini sound bar, which offers three different musical modes, two different types of connections and numerous uses. Really versatile, here’s how you can make the most of it at home.

How it is made
Torpedo Plus does not have, first of all, the classic appearance of a bluetooth speaker. Rather it seems to be a mini sound bar. The shape is therefore stretched horizontally, with a really elegant, minimal and clean design. It is a few inches high and this allows it to easily find space on any desk, under a TV or, why not, next to any notebook. On the front side, beyond some removable adhesive, which indicates the support site and the three different reproduction modes, there are no other elements, while the control panel is moved to the side.

Avantree torpedo plus review

There are three buttons: a first that lets you select the playback mode, and the other two that allow you to increase or decrease the volume. On the back, instead, in addition to the AUX input and the MicroUSB charging connector, also the on / off button, to turn it on and off. On the lower part, however, two rubber pads that allow, as well as lift a few millimeters from the ground, also to keep it firmly on a desk, even in super low mode. The small rise from the ground allows you to perfectly accommodate the mini sound bar below an iMac, just “straddling” the pedestal under the monitor.Avantree torpedo plus review

Avantree torpedo plus review

In addition to the aesthetic point of view (even the eye wants its part), a speaker is judged above all by how it sounds. Torpedo Plus, we anticipate immediately, is absolutely convincing, certainly not up to soundbar more massive and professional. For the price range in which it is located is, however, a good purchase. As already mentioned, there are three different modes of reproduction.

A first 3D surround call, which as the name suggests recreates a three-dimensional effect. A second one, Super Bass, allows the sound bar to show the bass more clearly, and finally a third one, the Balance Audio, which offers a balanced sound.

Let’s start by saying that all three modes work and return the facets for which they are born. The 3D surround mode is probably the most lacking one. Not because it feels bad, but because it can not restore an immersive audio sensation at the highest levels. However, a cinema style effect is perceived, but the result is not striking, but still appreciable.

Super Bass, on the other hand, really shows the bass notes of the loudspeaker, making them feel more incisively. They are very present, although naturally not as powerful as in other category speakers. The mode that is likely to be the most used at home is the third, the balanced one. This, in fact, allows you to enjoy a truly balanced sound, clean, with a fairly clear sound. It must be said, however, that depending on the uses one perceives as more appropriate one or the other mode.

The transition from one mode to the other will not be infrequent. Also because Torpedo Plus took many uses.

First it offers bluetooth and wired connectivity with 3.5mm jack. This allows you to use it for listening to music from a PC, Mac, notebook or even from smartphones and tablets. The wired configuration, on the other hand, helps to position it under a TV, to improve its sounding side.

The 10W of power is sufficient to cover a medium-sized living room, also in consideration of the high volume of the device.

Depending on the projection you will prefer to choose between 3D surround or balanced audio, on the contrary it will be difficult to use the bass mode on the TV, to be used mainly for music listening. In any case, the voice is bright and crystalline on the TV, just as the audio is appreciable during the simple music reproduction. You will have to play with the “Mode” button to change from one mode to another, to find the ideal mode for what you are listening to.

Aesthetically valid, it offers good sound quality, considering the price, and it is really versatile: between bluetooth and AUX connection, between balanced mode, 3D and Super Bass, you will not have difficulty positioning it at home, to support portable devices, but also to place it under a small TV in the living room or in the bedroom.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • It sounds good in relation to the price
  • three modes of reproduction
  • AUX and Bluetooth supported