Colourworks Silicone Splatter Screen

I have a lot of kitchen craft products and I love them, the touch of the silicone is very comfortable, like rubber and also give me a touch of color and joy in the kitchen. Colourworks Silicone Splatter Screen is a very useful cover for when you cook with the pan that does not splash, but when having holes, the food does not cook. It is great to wash in the dishwasher. I have one myself and another my mother and we are delighted, we use them a lot.

Colourworks Silicone Splatter Screen

It has exceeded my expectations, perfectly controls the splashes without accumulating steam, cleans easily and adapts to any size of pan.

Colourworks Silicone Splatter Screen comes with Good diameter and is made with good materials. I hope it lasts what it seems.

No major complaint, it fulfills its role correctly. It allows frying without even a drop of oil from the pan.

I used it a lot and for now it’s like the first day, Colourworks Silicone Splatter Screen does not let much steam go by and it seems that things are cooked and not grilled. It also does not let the oil that leaps out.

There is also not much to say, a silicone lid with handle, ideal for cooking does not splash.

I used it so far only a couple of times, but it is very useful because I do not have all the greasy cooking when I fry something.

Here are the specifications for the Colourworks Silicone Splatter Screen CWSPLATTERPURAnti-splash screen :

  • Designed for use on hot pans, frying pans and woks to stop oil and hot watter splashes
  • Flexible, hygienic, long-handle silicone protective screen
  • Heat Resistant to 260 C heat (500 F)
  • Can be coordinated with other elements of the Colourworks range
  • Silicone surface is non-stick, so really easy to clean

Comments :

  • Steam does not come out
  • It’s going very well, it responds to what I needed
  • Best Colourworks Silicone Splatter Screen CWSPLATTERPUR – Anti-splash screen, purple

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