In addition to muscle your thighs, buttocks and abs impressively, cycling is a means of green transportation and a pleasant activity with friends or family. The goal is to show that cycling is a great way to get around everyday. So, here are good reasons to adopt the bike as a daily mode of travel. If you still have to convince yourself, here are some good reasons to Ride a Bike again!

1. Ride a bike makes you happier!

The study by Portland doctoral student Oliver Smith (2012) proves that cyclists are the happiest “commuters”! Traveling to work with an active mode of travel, deciding time, distance, etc. promotes health and well-being .

2. Cycling is good for you :

By cycling in the morning, all our senses are on alert and our reflexes are activated.

At the same time, the practice of regular exercise promotes the release of endomorphins, the pleasure hormone. Thus, the practitioners of a regular physical exercise note many benefits in everyday life (better shape, restful sleep, strengthening of the immune system) and in the long term the scientific studies prove that a regular daily exercise lengthens the life expectancy.

Biking is a sport that helps reduce cardiovascular risk, work the heart and develop physical endurance. In addition, the bike improves blood circulation in the legs, which can promote the reduction of cellulite.

3. Cycling is a sport :

Regular cycling helps to tone and sculpt the silhouette while burning calories

Cycling is an anti-cellulite sport.

If you are looking for an anti-cellulite sport , look no further! The bike is a sport of endurance, fat burning and focused on the lower body, it is the ideal weapon to make the skin with dimples.

The bike to spend calories.
It takes longer to be tired during a bike session than during a swim or race. As a result, you can ride a bike longer and burn more calories .

But then, how long does cycling take to burn a maximum of calories?

To give you an idea, in 1 hour of cycling, a woman of about 60 kilos burns:

– 354 slow-paced calories (between 16 and 19km / h)
– 472 calories at a moderate pace (between 19 and 22 km / h)
– 590 calories at a vigorous pace (between 22 and 25 km / h)
– 408 calories at a speed of race (between 25 and 30 km / h)

Even at a leisure trip, less than 16km / h, you still burn 236 calories in one hour.

Cycling means working on cardio.
It has been said and it is repeated: working the cardio is ideal to lose weight and eliminate toxins, but also to develop endurance and strengthen the heart.

But cycling is cardio.

4. Cycling: other benefits as a bonus

You can ride a bike by visiting beautiful places.

Unlike a swimming session , where the landscape comes down to the tiles at the bottom of the pool, or an indoor sports session, where we no longer see the day, the bike can enjoy the scenery.

All the more so when you bike, you travel far more distances than on foot or running.

Tip: prepare your circuits in advance, according to the distances you are willing to cover. There are bound to be pretty things to see around your home.

You can ride a bike all the time.
With cycling, you do not have to wonder how many times a week you have to ride a bike , because you can do it ALL THE TIME.

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