Spiral cutter Review and Guide

Spiral cutter Review and Guide

Of them, this healthy and delicious trend would probably not have escaped, whether in social media or various magazines. Everywhere you can see the delicious vegetable pasta, as a substitute for the usual pasta. The low carbohydrate and delicious vegetables make these noodles popular not only with vegetarians and people who want to lose weight, but have become part of everyday life in many households. In this article, we have taken a closer look at the corresponding Spiral cutters, which bring the vegetables into the appropriate spaghetti shape. In our spiral cutter test we want to share our experiences with you. Furthermore, we want to ensure that you have a perfectly functioning “Spiralizer” for your taste experience at home.

Why you should have a spiral cutter in your kitchen

The cutting tools of our kitchen are, in addition to ceramic knives , mandolins, graters, peelers and spiralizers. The spiral cutters are not only to make beautiful spirals of vegetables, also make them spaghetti with zucchini, carrot, beet, cucumber …. with which besides decorating, you can prepare delicious spaghetti of raw vegan cooking .

If you want to adopt new diet habits and seek a healthy diet by making rich and provocative dishes what you need is the best kitchen spiralizer on the market. This Japanese invention has become a very viable alternative to prepare foods that include more vegetables and vegetables in meals.

Well, let’s face it, is there anyone who does not love pasta dishes? So we definitely do not know anybody and do not belong to it. After a while it can happen that the usual spaghetti gets boring . To this day, more and more people are feeding more consciously and healthier. Accordingly, carbohydrates and especially wheat do not belongmore into every single meal. Here, the spiral cutter provides the optimal solution, so that you can process any kind of vegetables into delicious noodles. With plenty of time, flair and work, you could of course cut the tasty noodles by hand with a knife. But why difficult if it is also simple, enjoyable and better .

Why the vegetable noodles are just better

Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer

Pasta dishes prepared with pasta spiral pasta are much poorer in carbohydrates, but with many more benefits. Because if you test a spiral cutter, you will soon realize that this is the best way to cover the daily healthy vegetable needs delicious and easy. Thus, they have the usual pasta sauce, only with more vitamins, nutrients, fiber flavor and less carbohydrates and calories. In addition, a spiral cutter offers the possibility to prepare countless different delicious vegetable combinations. Thus, you can, for example, the classic Simply combine zucchini pasta with the right vegetables of your choice. This offers much more options and a much better taste sensation than traditional plain wheat noodles. But you will notice that very clearly, if you yourself test a spiral cutter.

Delicious dishes, creative decoration and healthy alternative

As you know, the eye always eats to some extent. Accordingly, a spiral cutter offers you the perfect opportunity to serve your dishes individually and especially well . Accordingly, with the use of a spiral cutter , this particular restaurant feel could easily fetch into their own kitchen and living room . With the use of a Spiralizer succeeds not only the 5-star taste, but also the 5-star look of their favorite dish.

Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer

No matter if cucumber, celery, peppers, potatoes, zucchini, apple or even kohlrabi and much more. With a suitable spiral cutter, you can perfectly shape and process almost any kind of food.

Benefits of using a spiralizer

-Diet healthy and nice

For all those who are caring for their figure, blood sugar levels, moving away from carbohydrates or eating a gluten-free diet, should acquire a spiralizer.

-Fast and efficient

This kitchen utensil makes preparing vegetables fast, safe, fun and efficient. In a two by three you will have a bowl full of vegetables, fruits or vegetables of your choice.

If you cook spiral tubers you will save a lot of time and add vitamins to your dishes, as well as color and flavor.

-Variety and versatility

The variety of dishes that you can prepare with a spiral vegetable cutter is amazing. This is a tremendous opportunity to incorporate healthy and fresh foods to the palate of the children.

What foods can be spiralized?

Among the fruits are apples, melon, banana and pear

The best spiraling vegetables are the hard ones like broccoli, zucchini, beet, turnip, cucumber, potato, sweet potato, radish, peppers and cabbage.

On what we have paid attention to in the spiral cutter test reports

There are now countless products that have a more or less handy applications. Accordingly, the spiral cutter testers have these different products practically put under the microscope. This in possible your close look at the respective advantages and disadvantages of the individual products, which we summarize in various individual contributions to share with you. Accordingly, with our spiral cutter test reports , you can easily find the perfect “Vegetable spiralizer” for your needs.

The questions and criteria in the spiral cutter test
In the contributions to the pictured products, you will find among other things the answers to the following questions:

Quality and workmanship of the product

Application and functionality

This category includes various individual factors, such as the stability of the spiral cutter. This ultimately led to conclusions as to which material was used and how high-quality the production was. Of course, we also take exactly the processing of the product under the magnifying glass. This is especially important in the usual plastic housings. Because as you may already know from various other kitchen utensils, one or the other careless act can happen during the whole confusion during cooking. Of course, it would be a shame if such poorly assembled components did not last long or the device could break down quickly. In addition, the sharpness of the corresponding cutting blades in this category is also important. This, of course, just as important for the end result, as these should wear out as little as possible and cut any kind of fruit or vegetables effectively.

Accordingly, we take a special look in the spiral cutter test that the design of the “Spiralizer” is of high quality and durable .


The showcase example of a high quality and extremely durable is the ” OXO Good Grips 3-Blade Tabletop Spiralizer ” Lurch brand . Accordingly, this is also our favorite among the devices with a crank in the spiral cutter test.

Application and functionality

The next point in the spiral cutter test is about the practicality and functionality of the product. On the one hand, on the one hand, of course, first of all the consideration of the included accessories. Then we check the functionality and result.

For this purpose, we check whether the eventual leftovers exist and how well they fulfill their function. Furthermore, we check the ergonomics of the whole device to check how pleasant and long-term the application is. Also relevant is the type and the presence of finger protection in the application.

Although the risk of injury when spiral cutter is not very high, but some models include a kind of finger protection included. Especially since one often tends to be distracted or not paying close attention to the ease of use, we find this to be appropriate and meaningful.


A few high-quality spiral cutters with crank have a collecting container. On the one hand, this is perfectly suitable in case you want to process larger quantities of fruits or vegetables in corresponding noodles. But it is also perfect for conveniently storing leftovers or pre-prepared noodles in the fridge.


The next point in the spiral cutter test is relatively self-explanatory, because where cut and where fruit and vegetables is reduced arise also always leftovers. Accordingly, these residues inside and outside the unit are subsequently cleaned or disposed of. It may be more or less tricky depending on the processing of the device to get to the appropriate places. Thus we are in this category practical effort it is needed to clean the spiral cutter after the appropriate application again.

Price-performance ratio and conclusion

Finally, we do our spiral cutter test, of course, with a corresponding comparison of price and performance. And this is followed, of course, by our conclusion, which once again deals with the most important points of the product and finally points out who this product is suitable for. And how our personal rating for the above categories turned out.

( For the very impatient – our favorite in the spiral cutter test what the price / performance ratio is in terms clearly the “OXO Good Grips 3-Blade Tabletop Spiralizer “)

The different types of equipment in the spiral cutter test simply explained

In order to make the best purchasing decision, it is of course important that the corresponding spiralizer also serves its purpose and provides the perfect handling for you. Accordingly, we have tested the three different types of models in our spiral cutter test . Thus, one differentiates namely between spiral cutter with crank, the strip cutter without a crank and the simplified Julienne kitchen peeler.

Spiral cutter with crank

As the name suggests, these devices can be operated with the appropriate hand crank. Accordingly, these devices take up a little more space . In this type of construction, the vegetables, or the food finally to be processed, are impaled by the pointed connecting rod. Then , using the outer crank of the corresponding handle, you move the inwardly inclined blades in a rotational movement about their own axis. Through the appropriate crank movement , the device then cuts your favorite foods into perfect strips or noodles.

The corresponding simple use of the crank allows a particularly pleasant and effective food processing. Accordingly, you need neither overly much force particularly a lot of time to prepare for a larger amount of strips or noodles. In addition, these models are available in horizontal or vertical design as needed. We also found it particularly appealing that the devices from manufacturers such as Lurch are still supplied with attachments . These allow you to customize the width of the strips to suit your needs .

Advantages and disadvantages of a spiral cutter with crank


This type of spiral cutter is especially recommended for vegetarian or vegan persons, who would like to process vegetables or corresponding fruit regularly and in larger quantities . Otherwise, this type of spiral cutter is of course also perfect for anyone who likes to pre-cook his meals, cooks regularly for several people or just tends to prepare vegetable strips or vegetable noodles.


However, with these models, it should be noted that the cheaper options, which are primarily constructed with lightweight plastic parts, have problems with handling harder foods . Thus, the slicing of potatoes, radishes or kohlrabi can sometimes be a bit difficult. In addition, the device must often be taken apart for effective cleaning, which is not particularly difficult, but for more comfortable people anyway worth mentioning.

Spiral cutter without crank

This model will probably put them back a little in the school time , in which one or the other pencil or colored pencil had to be sharpened . Because with the strip cutters without a crank , you also press the corresponding food into the template and then turn it. The lower position of the cutter is located in a correspondingly sharp blade, which the fruit, vegetables or food quasi by the rotation in a long strip cuts.


Due to the simple yet ingenious design of these products, these models are particularly easy to clean. Furthermore, it can also handle the sturdy construction and the extended extra sharp blade easily with particularly hard and crisp foods. Accordingly, these devices are very durable, space-saving and easy to transport. With a price of just 12 euros on average, the spiral cutter without crank are also particularly favorable.


In contrast to the simple and ergonomic use of the spiral cutter with crank, the application of this product is a bit more laborious. On the one hand, it takes longer of course to turn the food almost by hand through the device. On the other hand, it is also far more exhausting, because you have to turn the vegetable strips usually manually yourself. In addition, of course, that I rather spherical food difficult as apples, potatoes and eggplant until not with the device edit leave.

Our final opinion :

Without any doubt, we were most convinced by the use of a device with a crank in the spiral cutter test . These devices are easy to handle, allow easy processing of multiple foods, and ultimately provide even and delicious stripes.


Our Pick

Runner Up

Budget Pick

Spiral cutter Review and Guide | 10 vegetables to spiralize

Philips QG3320/15 Trimmer-cordless

Following you will find the review of the  hair clipper Philips QG3320 / 15 Trimmer

Philips QG3320 / 15 Timmer : a little complete kit

The Philips QG3320 / 15 trimmer is a medium-low range multigroom, which is achieving good online sales success. To be a multigroom has actually few functions, but we will see it better later. At the moment, always staying on topic then, we take a look at the accessories kit : there is the head to adjust the beard, the comb to use for the selection of measures, a head to remove the hairs of the nose, the brush for cleaning and a current transformer. To define it then “multigroom” seems a bit ‘too much, not to mention that it also lacks a base of accommodation or a travel bag. But the design is convincing, both from the aesthetic point of view and for the good physical structure of the Philips QG3320 / 15.

Our decisive factors for the choice of the multigroom

1. Functions and heads: Rating 6.5 out of 10

The Philips Series 3000 QG3320 / 15 is a multigroom that belongs to a low price range. This is a 3-in-1 model that allows you to perform different functions for adjusting the beard. We have analyzed the main technical data to give you an overview of the level of its performance. We did this keeping in mind the decisive factors for choosing a multigroom. The first factor that we have examined is that related to the functions and the heads available to this model. Being a low-end device, the Philips Series 3000 QG3320 / 15 can not boast a very wide range of features and accessories. In the package you can in fact find only a shaving head and a trimmer for the hairs of the nose and ears.

Philips QG3320/15 Trimmer Review
Philips QG3320/15 Trimmer

This means that this model is not suitable for cutting hair or for removing body hair . The heads are in fact decisive for the versatility of the product, determining the ability to perform various operations. However, they can be purchased separately. The blade of the head is self-sharpening in polished chrome-plated steel and guarantees long lasting performance.

2. Combs: Voting 6 out of 10

The second decisive factor for the choice of a multigroom concerns the combs available. This model has only one comb for adjusting the beard, so it does not allow a particularly varied use. With this accessory supplied you can adjust the beard choosing the setting you want among the 18 available. It ranges from a minimum length of 1 mm to a maximum of 18 mm , with 1 mm steps between settings. The comb is structured in such a way as to allow gentle contact on the skin and therefore a practical and comfortable use.

Philips QG3320/15 Trimmer Review
Philips QG3320/15 Trimmer

3. Practicality and maintenance: 8 out of 10 rating

Now let’s move on to the factor of practicality and maintenance. The Philips Series 3000 QG3320 / 15 is compact and therefore easy to handle . Thanks to an ergonomic handle and a knurled surface at the front (easy grip), this multigroom allows a firm grip during shaving. An indicator on the front shows when the battery is almost empty and lights up when the appliance is being charged. Regarding the aspects related to maintenance, we can say that the product can be washed under running water , so as to always be perfectly clean and ready for optimal use.

4. Charging: Rating 6.5 out of 10

The fourth factor we examined concerns the type of power supply of the Philips Series 3000 QG3320 / 15, to which we have assigned a rating of 6.5 / 10. This model is wireless , so it does not need to be connected to electricity to run regularly. The battery offers a total autonomy of about 1 hour , allowing at least one complete session of shaving adjustment. To recharge it, however, it takes 10 hours : a fairly high time and a little above the average even when compared to devices belonging to the same price range. From the information we were able to find,it is not possible to use the product when it is connected to electricity . However, it should be noted that most of the models in this category do not allow this.

5. Extra accessories: 6 out of 10 rating

Finally, we also considered the extra accessories supplied by the manufacturer as a decisive factor. The Philips Series 3000 QG3320 / 15 is not equipped with any extra accessories, such as a travel case or a base for storing heads and combs. This data is not surprising, especially considering that we are talking about a low-price product.


  • Price
  • Washable
  • Good cut
  • Easy maintenance


  • Long charge
  • It does not work with cable
  • Few accessories supplied
Philips QG3320/15 Trimmer Review
Philips QG3320/15 Trimmer


Judging a product is not easy, because you have to first of all frame it in the price range and make the right assessments in it. Between highs and lows the Philips QG3320 / 15 convinces enough in his, that middle-low range where something is always missing , but where you can still do great business. For example, our investigator lacks the possibility of being used with a power cable, since the autonomy / recharge ratio is not the best … but the power, for its price range is not bad, certainly not very powerful but better than others that point to other features. The cut is good, as is the physical structure,even if the comb has some doubts it leaves it (unfortunately it is a problem of many models). The job does it quite well so, always if the 1-18 mm cutting shows are the ones that most interest you. Overall we can definitely recommend the Philips QG3320 / 15 , Trimmer especially if you find it on offer as it can often happen online.

Instruction manual of the Philips QG3320 / 15

Here you can find the instruction manual of the Philips QG3320 / 15 .

Ambi Climate 2, AI-powered smart air conditioner controller Review

Ambi Climate 2 is the device that resurrects your old conditioner, transforming it into a connected and intelligent peripheral.

Ambi Climate 2 Review
Ambi Climate 2 Review

Fashion has exploded from home automation, understood as the application of information technology and electronics to the management of the home. If on the one hand new buildings are specially designed for this purpose, it is more difficult to transform a traditional home into smart homes. Ambi Climate 2, limited to air conditioners, really manages to transform the old device into a connected device. Here’s how and why.

What is Ambi Climate 2?

Ambi Climate 2 is a small hub, with a very elegant and modern shape and minimal features. Substantially, thanks to the IR sensors positioned on the top, it reproduces the IR commands that would be given by the traditional remote control. However, it connects to the Internet, and this allows you to send these commands from a smartphone, even remotely, through a dedicated application. In summary: Ambi Climate 2 connects to the internet, receives wireless commands from the smartphone, sends them to the air conditioner via IR sensors.

Ambi Climate 2 Review
Ambi Climate 2 Review

This simple operation has the advantage of transforming a large variety of air conditioners (here to check compatibility), even rather dated, into really connected peripherals. We tested it with an old “Toshiba”, produced in years when home automation was not remotely conceivable: Ambi Climate 2 revives old air conditioners to new life, making them feel young again in the era of home automation.

First configuration

To be really smart, any accessory, must have, among many others, also a main feature: the simplicity of configuration and use. Smart means intelligent, and to be really such, it must have the ability to be simple and accessible to everyone. Ambi Climate 2 succeeds in the enterprise.

Configuring it is very simple. First of all, it must be connected to a source of electricity. In our case, we connected it via USB to a Mac, just because of the air conditioner to be controlled. In the package, however, there is also a wall outlet, as well as the MicroUSB cable. This is done by downloading the AmbiClimate app, available for free in the App Store and Google Play.
From here you can click on add device, having to follow a few simple steps: enter the access key of your router, so as to combine Ambi Climate to your network, and enter the code of your air conditioner. Stop, Ambi Climate 2 is ready for use.


Ambi Climate 2 is compatible with a very large number of air conditioners. Basically with all those who have a remote control with LCD display. At this address , however, you can specifically check whether the model of your air conditioner is supported.

Ambi Climate 2 Review
Ambi Climate 2 Review

You must then have WiFi access to the network and an iOS smartphone with at least iOS 9 installed, or Android 4.1 or later.

How does it work

First of all, as already mentioned, Ambi Climate 2 works as a simple bridge, between the commands given by the smartphone via the network, and those to be sent to the air conditioner through IR pulses. Through the “Mode” button on the application it will be possible to click “Manual” to switch the air conditioner on at a certain temperature, then turning it off using the OFF key. Already this simple function, however, allows you to turn on / off the air conditioner without having to be physically in the room to be cooled / heated, being able to activate the cooling / heating even before you get home.

Ambi Climate 2 Review
Ambi Climate 2 Review

If you feel too hot or too cold, just tell Ambi it, via the app. After that, Ambi will correct the temperature and use your feedback forward to set your heat pump or air conditioning. That way, you get optimal comfort and save money at the same time as you avoid overheating or overload cooling

There are, however, no automated functions, such as the ability to set timers, so as to turn on and off the air conditioner automatically, being able to always manage remotely through the app.

Artificial intelligence

Not only does Ambi Climate 2 worry about turning the old conditioner into a connected device, but it does so by adding support to Artificial Intelligence. The device, in fact, offers the user different modes of operation, to offer maximum comfort, analyzing the data of local temperature, habits and preferences of users.


The first intelligent mode is the one called “Comfort”, which, based on the parameters of the detected temperatures, sets an ideal temperature for the room, adjusting the air conditioner accordingly. In this mode the user can intervene by giving the app and feedback system to set the best algorithm that will automatically adjust the temperature at home.


Second mode is the one called “Temperatures”; here the user will select the target to be reached, and IA will adjust the air conditioner accordingly.

Outside the house

Third mode is the “Fuori casa”, which allows to optimize consumption but to keep the environment in which you will return rather comfortable, so as not to make it too cold or too hot. In our case, having the air conditioner in a glassed room placed on a small terrace, the option is among the most useful: it avoids the sun-exposed room to become incandescent and damage the electronic devices inside.

Manual mode

The simplest, and actually the most used: the smartphone turns into the remote control of the air conditioner, to set temperature, and other parameters, such as the direction of the fins.


Not only does Ambi Climate 2 transform the obsolete air conditioner into a new generation smart, but it also provides various analyzes on different temperatures and statistics. It is possible, in fact, to see the humidity and temperature statistics, both internal and external, in daily charts, to evaluate the time of use of the air conditioner, seeing the times of use for each mode.

Do not miss a chronology, always divided by day, relating to the temperatures detected inside the room, and those perceived outside, as well as there is a log of the uses of Ambi Climate 2, with a detailed log of the ignitions, and how to ignition of the air conditioner.


Little gem, not of negligible importance, is given by the support of Ambi Climate 2 to IFTTT, a platform that allows to automate even more the functioning of connected peripherals. In our case we have created Google Assistant voice commands to turn the air conditioner on or off, but do not miss the possibility to request vocally to start the various modes listed above. With a Google Home placed in the salon, we are able to manage the air conditioner with ease.


Really an intelligent device. Ambi Climate 2 makes smart air conditioner products in the “prehistoric” era, in which a smart home was not even remotely conceivable. It does this in total simplicity, with a reasonable price. Statistics and learning functions work, although they will probably be more interesting in a large office setting, for more professional use. At home, at the end, Ambi Climate 2 will be used in a simpler and more straightforward way: just to switch on and adjust the temperature from a smartphone. In any case, an idea to reward, at the right cost.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Really Smart
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Appropriate price



  • User guide in English only


Ambi is compatible with more than 50 of the biggest brands in heat pumps and air conditioning. In addition, it is incredibly easy to install and connect to your heat pump. Ambi Climate communicates with your heat pump via infrared signal, in the same way as the remote control supplied with the heat pump. Therefore, no cable connection to the device must be established and it can be placed in any place in the room, just it can “see” the heat pump.

Really an intelligent device. Ambi Climate 2 makes smart conditioner products in the “prehistoric” era, in which a smart home was not even remotely conceivable. It does this in total simplicity, with a reasonable price.

Avantree torpedo plus review

Avantree torpedo plus review , the Avantree mini sound bar, which offers three different musical modes, two different types of connections and numerous uses. Really versatile, here’s how you can make the most of it at home.

How it is made
Torpedo Plus does not have, first of all, the classic appearance of a bluetooth speaker. Rather it seems to be a mini sound bar. The shape is therefore stretched horizontally, with a really elegant, minimal and clean design. It is a few inches high and this allows it to easily find space on any desk, under a TV or, why not, next to any notebook. On the front side, beyond some removable adhesive, which indicates the support site and the three different reproduction modes, there are no other elements, while the control panel is moved to the side.

Avantree torpedo plus review

There are three buttons: a first that lets you select the playback mode, and the other two that allow you to increase or decrease the volume. On the back, instead, in addition to the AUX input and the MicroUSB charging connector, also the on / off button, to turn it on and off. On the lower part, however, two rubber pads that allow, as well as lift a few millimeters from the ground, also to keep it firmly on a desk, even in super low mode. The small rise from the ground allows you to perfectly accommodate the mini sound bar below an iMac, just “straddling” the pedestal under the monitor.Avantree torpedo plus review

Avantree torpedo plus review

In addition to the aesthetic point of view (even the eye wants its part), a speaker is judged above all by how it sounds. Torpedo Plus, we anticipate immediately, is absolutely convincing, certainly not up to soundbar more massive and professional. For the price range in which it is located is, however, a good purchase. As already mentioned, there are three different modes of reproduction.

A first 3D surround call, which as the name suggests recreates a three-dimensional effect. A second one, Super Bass, allows the sound bar to show the bass more clearly, and finally a third one, the Balance Audio, which offers a balanced sound.

Let’s start by saying that all three modes work and return the facets for which they are born. The 3D surround mode is probably the most lacking one. Not because it feels bad, but because it can not restore an immersive audio sensation at the highest levels. However, a cinema style effect is perceived, but the result is not striking, but still appreciable.

Super Bass, on the other hand, really shows the bass notes of the loudspeaker, making them feel more incisively. They are very present, although naturally not as powerful as in other category speakers. The mode that is likely to be the most used at home is the third, the balanced one. This, in fact, allows you to enjoy a truly balanced sound, clean, with a fairly clear sound. It must be said, however, that depending on the uses one perceives as more appropriate one or the other mode.

The transition from one mode to the other will not be infrequent. Also because Torpedo Plus took many uses.

First it offers bluetooth and wired connectivity with 3.5mm jack. This allows you to use it for listening to music from a PC, Mac, notebook or even from smartphones and tablets. The wired configuration, on the other hand, helps to position it under a TV, to improve its sounding side.

The 10W of power is sufficient to cover a medium-sized living room, also in consideration of the high volume of the device.

Depending on the projection you will prefer to choose between 3D surround or balanced audio, on the contrary it will be difficult to use the bass mode on the TV, to be used mainly for music listening. In any case, the voice is bright and crystalline on the TV, just as the audio is appreciable during the simple music reproduction. You will have to play with the “Mode” button to change from one mode to another, to find the ideal mode for what you are listening to.

Aesthetically valid, it offers good sound quality, considering the price, and it is really versatile: between bluetooth and AUX connection, between balanced mode, 3D and Super Bass, you will not have difficulty positioning it at home, to support portable devices, but also to place it under a small TV in the living room or in the bedroom.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • It sounds good in relation to the price
  • three modes of reproduction
  • AUX and Bluetooth supported

Lens kit that turn iPhone into a microscope-Blips Ultra Lab Kit Review

Blips Ultra Lab Kit :

Blips Ultra Lab Kit are lenses designed to work with any smartphone thanks to the adhesive attachment and able to offer enlargements in some cases superior to any kit of photographic lenses for smartphones. We have tried in recent weeks for a judgment of three hundred and sixty degrees on what has turned out to be a simple product, durable and quality.

Blips Ultra Lab Kit

The Blips Ultra Lab Kit Review

There are three different types of kits. The Basic Kit , where the lenses are simply adhesive. Then there is the Metal Kit , the same that we received on trial, which combines a metal core to the adhesive layer, which is very useful as it can keep the bending when you apply it on the edge of a smartphone. It is ideal with iPhone and other phones where the camera is in the corner.
The company then makes available the Lab Kit which includes 6 slides prepared to immediately look at some small details, a support to keep the iPhone tilted to the right position during the use of slides and a small LED flashlight to illuminate the latter from below , ensuring better visibility when using lenses.

Blips Ultra Lab Kit Review

How the lenses are made
The lenses are sold inside a card that can easily be placed inside a pocket of the wallet. It is a really ingenious solution as they take up very little space and we can transport them with extreme ease almost forgetting to have them with us. The package also includes a handy metal case, similar to those that you buy to carry your business cards, in order to store two or more sets of lenses in a single compartment.

As we said, the lens is very small: it is represented by a sort of protruding “bubble”, fixed on a thin and soft strip. The central part of the latter is made of electrostatic material, so it stays firmly on the smartphone, while the two flaps are accompanied by an adhesive-type adhesive layer that ensures better stability of the lens. You can attach and detach many times, especially if you take care to clean the smartphone shell before application. In any case, the company in each kit includes a set of  replacement stickers, to be able to replace them when the adhesive solution loses its initial strength

Four types of lenses
The available lenses are basically four: Macro Plus (5X), Macro (10X), Micro (20X) and Ultra (33X), each recognizable by a different strip color.

With this lens the minimum focusing distance is really millimetric, so it is unthinkable to use it freehand. For this reason, the company includes in the kit a support to keep the smartphone slightly tilted, however on the move, if you forget it at home, you can equip yourself on the moment even stacking some credit card

We recommend using the Smo Blips app (for iOS and Android ) developed by the manufacturer as it blocks the focus automatically and offers a number of useful tools to make the most of the lenses with greater magnification with minimum effort.

The strength of this Blips Ultra Lab Kit is the compatibility with the camera of any smartphone and tablet currently on the market. The application is immediate and with a little ‘foresight each lens can be used for “weeks” without ever feeling the need to replace the adhesive layer. The writer has taken them with him to his wallet for more than a month, using them more than ten times and even today the strength of the adhesive is sufficient to guarantee high stability for the next uses.

Because of their compactness, they are in our opinion the best solution to take macro photos on the move. If it is true that there are small and portable macro kits, nothing is so thin that it can disappear in a shirt pocket like this kit, and the speed with which it can be applied to any lens is an added value of the product. The only limit is the wear of the adhesive, but as mentioned there are some spare strips in the package that, if used with care, can guarantee a very long time of use. Should those also end, the company sells them separately

Top 3 Socks for cycling. The most original and fun designs.

Top 3 Socks for cycling. The most original and fun designs.


To this day there are few cyclists who come out to train without first looking in the mirror and check that everything is impeccable in their equipment. Cycling fashion is the order of the day and cycling socks are one of its flagship products.

Without knowing very well why many cyclists have one of their favorite clothes in their socks and socks brands have to make authentic designs in order to maintain their market share. Designs that every time allow to see more fun and original cycling socks . Skulls, diamonds, and different expressions are along with other drawings the main preferences of consumers. The tastes are also clear towards long socks or high socks in front of short socks and bright colors like yellow , blueor the fl uo .

Then I bring you a compilation of cheap cycling socks in which you can find the best designs at the best price.

Giro cycling socks

Giro cycling socks
Giro cycling socks

The Giro HRC team cycling socks are one of the most sought after and desired on the market. A medium-high cane model with a basic, fine and elegant design that can be perfectly complemented with any set of clothes. The Giro HRC team are sold in different colors . The most common are blue, fluo yellow, white and black. The softness and comfort of them is clearly their strong point and they are perfect for competition and intense training thanks to their perfect fit . The size chart is the following M (40-42), L (43-45) and XL (46-48).

Skull socks

Skull socks
Skull socks

If you are looking for cycling socks with skulls it is likely that you are finding it hard to find products that meet your wishes. For this reason we bring you some models of socks with skulls so you can finally fit one of them. which DeRocca sells them is practically unbeatable and they are useful both for the practice of MTB and road cycling. An original design that is one of the most sought after among cyclists looking for socks made of medium soles. The fabric with which they are made is ideal for the whole year and fits the body like a glove.

Castelli socks

Castelli socks
Castelli socks

The famous brand of the scorpion reaches all facets of the market and socks could not be the exception. Castelli has socks for all tastes and profiles. From the most classic short- sock socks to the high socks that currently dominate. Prices vary a lot depending on the model and the possible offers you can find.

The material with which Castelli manufactures his socks I can assure you from experience that is of great quality and all those people with delicate feet should try some of the brand of the scorpion. In Castelli the details make the difference and the upper part of the foot is usually the most breathable with a thin grille placed with the intention of keeping the foot cool and dry.


Take advantage of the opportunities and forget about having to go out to train with street socks because of your lack of wardrobe.

Reebok Mens Floatride Run Ultraknit Running Shoes

Reebok Mens Floatride Run Ultraknit Review

This is Reebok Mens Floatride Run Ultraknit Running shoes , which takes its name partly from the technology used in the midsole and in part of the fabric used in the upper . As we have said, it is the shoe located in the highest echelons of the Reebok running range. Of daily use for training, although perfectly valid for the competition, they are designed to travel long distances.

Therefore, Reebok bets on this new model as the flagship of the brand in shoes with maximum cushioning , establishing itself as a direct competition for high-end sneakers from other brands.

Reebok Mens Floatride Run Ultraknit

As we mentioned at the beginning, the name of the model of the shoe is due to the material used in the midsole. Floatride is an ultra-light EVA foam, with a very consistent and reactive structure , which aims to provide effective and long-lasting cushioning. The diamond-shaped cuts, located from the midfoot area to the toe, help to absorb the impact of the shoe with the floor and the subsequent bounce of it.

Completely wrapping the shoe and with triangle-shaped inserts on the Floatride material , another EVA foam of higher density is placed (in blue color in the photos) , which keeps the foot centered and stable during the cycle of the tread. In the same way that softens the initial impact against the ground, more if possible, if this is produced with the heel. The drop of this Floatride Run Ultraknit is 8 mm.

Inside, a removable template of generous thickness is housed, in the form of a wave in its lower part, imitating the same design as the drawing of the sole and which we will discuss in the following section. Underneath it, there is another layer of EVA foam sewn into the body of the shoe. Both add to the cushioning of the midsole.

As a curiosity, below the template we have discovered three inscriptions that correspond to three distances of half bottom and bottom (1,500, 5,000 and 10,000 meters) with three impressive marks, only reachable for elite athletes … very elite! In this case the marks correspond to the Olympic Sydney Maree, born in South Africa and who was already nationalized American, a great athlete in the 80s.

Reebok Mens Floatride Run Ultraknit

The sole is manufactured entirely with the same type of rubber. A resistant, thin and light rubber. Reebok has designed the tread of these Floatride with a wave pattern , which provides a consistent contact with the ground to promote a smooth transition from heel to toe. It is totally flat and uniform, covering the entire floor, letting glimpse the foam Floatride of the midsole, taking advantage of the cuts of flexion of the shoe, both transverse and longitudinal.

The areas where the sole does cover the entire surface, is in the part of the heel and in the part of the toe and area of ​​the inner side of the metatarsal, since they are the areas where greater wear occurs. The one of greater impact in the case of the heel and of traction of the foot in the case of the part of the toe. In the same way, are also the areas where a small recess is observed in the heel part, to facilitate the entry with that part of the foot, and the raised toe, which facilitates and favors the takeoff of the foot.

In short, it is a very thin sole, light and resistant, where the different studs are arranged in the form of a waffle, with the separation between these, the different bending cuts that are on the entire surface.

For this part of the Reebok creates Floatride Run Ultraknit running shoes, Reebok has used three different materials: Knit fabric for toe and instep, a soft and malleable foam with a certain point of rigidity that acts as a buttress, and a TPU material on the sides and wrapping the heel.

Reebok Mens Floatride Run Ultraknit

The Knit in one piece, seamless and breathable, allows the comfort of the foot as if it were a sock. In the areas that are more exposed to possible breaks, the thread is more united, forming a denser layer, while in the instep part, where a small reflecting detail presides, these threads are more separated, allowing even more perspiration, In addition to having a point more elasticity that the foot will surely appreciate.

The buttress is made with a light, soft and malleable foam, but which maintains a certain rigidity, helping the heel to be well attached. The upper edge is a little more padded to avoid chafing or discomfort in the Achilles tendon.

The third component of the upper, is a skeleton of TPU, robust but flexible, located on the sides of the shoes, and with the components joined together by a thin strip wrapping the heel, which will strengthen the support of it. It is also where the eyelets for the adjustment of the Reebok creates Floatride Run Ultraknit running shoes are housed. All this will reinforce the stability and adjustment to keep the feet well restrained. Right in the center of this skeletal frame, we find the Reebok logo, called “Delta Logo”. The laces are long and quite wide.

Reebok Mens Floatride Run Ultraknit SUMMARY

Reebok creates Floatride Run Ultraknit running shoes , providing a high performance running shoe , which is capable of rubbing shoulders with others of different signatures and similar characteristics. Designed to travel long distances , harmonizes cushioning and stability , to offer a very light shoe with a soft and effective bounce . The seamless upper part and its low cut design offers extra comfort and greater freedom of movement in the ankle, very much to be taken into account and to be thankful for, in the case of a sneaker to travel many kilometers. Breathability and comfort are not lacking to keep your feet dry even on the hottest days. Excellent choice of color combinations available.

The weight of the Reebok creates Floatride Run Ultraknit running shoes in their versions of men and women is 232 gr. in a 9 US and 198 gr. in a 7 US respectively. Perfect for any type of runner looking for a comfortable shoe, cushioned and that does not mind being running nonstop for a long time.

Top 5 homemade masks to forget dark circles and bags

Say goodbye to the tired look with these super easy remedies to do at home!

If the only thing that prevents you from showing off a perfect complexion is dark circles or bags under your eyes , do not worry! Disappearing these signs of fatigue is not as difficult as you think.

I share some effective masks to eliminate dark circles and eye bags, the best? You can do it from home ! Also, they are simple and very quick to do, check it out!

Top 5 homemade masks to forget dark circles and bags

1. Tomato with lemon juice


The amount of vitamin A that contains the tomato , is ideal to reduce the dark color of the circles , like the lemon , which is a powerful lightener .

Blend half a tomato with the juice of a lemon and refrigerate the mixture for half an hour . Then, apply it directly on the eye contour for 15 minutes and remove with cold water (you can also place it on the entire face to match the tone of the face ).

It is important that you only use it at night , since, if you expose yourself to the sun, you can stain your skin.

2. Shea butter with aloe vera

Shea butter with aloe vera for dark circles

Maybe it’s the mask with less usual ingredients, but it’s worth trying to finish with the bags once and for all.

First of all, mix three tablespoons of the aloe gel with one of shea butter to form a paste. Put it in the area of ​​dark circles for 20 minutes and remove it with warm water.

It is a pump of freshness and hydration since aloe vera improves blood circulation and shea butter moisturizes deeply.

3. Cucumber and honey

Without a doubt, it is another of the best masks to eliminate dark circles and eye bags, the reason?


It is perfect to soothe, refresh and stimulate the regeneration of the skin due to the large amount of vitamins in its ingredients.

You need a fresh cucumber , washed and without peel, that you will put in the blender along with a spoonful of natural honey .

Once you have a homogeneous mixture, apply it in the dark circles and rinse with warm water 20 minutes later . Repeat this treatment twice a week and you will notice the great change!

4. Chamomile and yogurt

Do you spend hours in front of the computer? This relaxing mask will help you prevent that unpleasant dark tone of the dark circles .

Just mix a cup of chamomile tea with a cup of yogurt . Stir both sides very well until it acquires a creamy consistency and put it to refrigerate overnight .

When ready, slide it over the eye area and let it act for 25 minutes. Remove with warm water and use it every other day as part of your routine.

5. Potato and milk

The combination of these two foods softens, nourishes, matches the tone of the skin and gives luminosity to the look.

Grate a piece of potato and add 150 ml of milk , stir well and put this in two thin cloth bags that you will place on your eyelids for half an hour. When finished, rinse with warm water and apply a little of your favorite moisturizer .

The Benefits Of Rosehip oil

I present the weapon that nature gives us to maintain the beauty of the skin.

Rosehip oil was used since ancient times by Mayans and Native Americans for its great healing properties.

This vegetable oil is extracted from the seeds of a shrub called rose moschata, grown mainly in Chile and Argentina.

The oil of rosehip can be extracted by cold pressing where it has been proven to be much better than doing it by slow cooking, since it does not alter the oil and it is obtained that it retains many more nutrients.

It contains large amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotenoids, flavonoids, pectins, riboflavin, retinol, antioxidants and essential fatty acids such as omega 6, omega 3, phalmic, stearic, oleic, linolenic, and linoleic.

It is one of the most powerful oils to regenerate the skin. Benefits of Rosehip oil are is to heal wounds after surgery, repair burns, reduce wrinkles as well as to reduce the harmful effects of the sun that are the cause of premature aging of the skin.

The rosehip oil has a light non-greasy texture that the skin easily absorbs as well as being an easy product to apply and that does not leave the skin oily even being an oil.

Rosehip oil is one of the best decisions you can make to take care of your skin , and its composition with numerous essential fatty acids (omega 6, omega 3, linoleic), antioxidants and vitamins make it a great ally of beauty that you can add to your routine every day.

Rosehip oil

Benefits Of Rosehip oil

1. No more premature aging

Being a natural regenerating agent that revitalizes the skin helps eliminate the signs of fatigue and fatigue that can be seen in the skin .

2. Luxury nutrition

Being rich in polyunsaturated essential fatty acids and thanks to the presence of vitamin A , it improves the humidity levels of the skin thus moisturizes the dry areas.

3. Perfect skin

It is eudermic, that is, it improves the quality of the skin regardless of age. Of course, in mature skin it is even more favorable, since it helps to combat the loss of elasticity, making the skin look and feel much healthier.

4. Excellent repairman

It has an exceptional regenerative effect due to its reconstructive and isolation properties. In addition, it prevents the formation of abnormal scars.

5. Decrease marks

If you suffer from spots or stretch marks this remedy will be very useful, and that is that the fatty acids of Rosa Mosqueta improve the texture of the skin and its pigmentation.

6. Relaxing application

The texture of this oil is completely pleasant. “When you put it on your skin , you feel immediately how it hydrates and becomes much smoother

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Parfum Spray for Women – sweet, explosive, fancy
Do you like to be noticed by your elegance and sensuality? With Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl for Women fragrance , treat yourself to a fragrance that lives up to your expectations.
Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Parfum Spray for Women manages to serve the brave, innocent and cheeky, self-confident side of a woman equally with her Eau de Parfum. Fine almond aroma meets intense jasmine scent – aromatic, racy coffee combines with a mysterious tonka bean. The heavy, honey-like scent of tuberose harmonizes with chocolate cocoa. Overall, the mixture leaves an elegant and gourmand impression. The women’s fragrance is thus a delicious experience with a pleasant sillage. And although there is concentrated flower power and many sweet elements here, the scent is not intrusive.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

Exclusive bottle design
Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Parfum Spray for Women has come up with something special for the flacon design : The fragrance comes in an elegant high heel and should not only make women’s but also men’s hearts beat faster. The look meets the taste of many users of , amazon.com, the bottle looks noble and high quality. According to the few customer reviews, the sweet scent is just right for the evening. The perfume lasts a long time and smells seductive.

Tip: A nice gift idea for lovers of Eau de Parfum is the right air freshener. It is simply placed in the car, office or home bathroom and exudes the seductive fragrance.

Fans of sweet, floral fragrances with an oriental touch of gourmand make the Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Parfum Spray for Women a good choice. Tuberose, jasmine and fresh coffee dress elegantly around the wearer and seduce in an elegant way. The personal care products and even an air freshener complete the collection.
If you are looking for a feminine and sweet fragrance in a unique setting, the Eau de Parfum Good Girl by Carolina Herrera is the right choice. Here is an oriental, floral scent mixture served in a beautiful high heel.