Elancyl Slim Design Flat Stomach a Anti Cellulite Cream

Elancyl Slim Design Flat Stomach a Anti Cellulite Cream is presented by its manufacturer as a cream specially designed to eliminate and prevent rebellious cellulite. It is an anti-cellulite care that works in three stages: destocking, drainage and de-stiffening. Cellulite, long considered wrongly as a disease, is rather an aesthetic disgrace that haunts the lives of many women. These malignant deposits of fat that come to nestle at the buttocks and thighs, give the body that aspect “orange peel” which disturbs.

Slim Design would be a good anti-cellulite ally or just another product that surfs the wave? Would his formula be adapted to the fight of fat on the thighs and buttocks? What are the arguments put forward by its sellers?

Elancyl Slim Design Flat Stomach


ELANCYL Slim Design would be a solution that will overcome your cellulite in 24 hours? No, that’s not what the manufacturer of this cream claims. It offers a 28-day program for the entire cure. Speaking of 24 hours, it refers to the duration of action of a cream application: it is active for a day and a night, which is “not bad” if you enroll in a massage routine daily. Moreover, Elancyl recommends specific massage sessions to guarantee the effect of its product. We will talk further about this massage.

Elancyl (a brand of the Pierre Fabre group ), presented on its official website as a slimming expert since 1971, began with a range of slimming products (glove, soap, gel, cream, bath) based on ivy. At the dawn of the 80s, the laboratory introduces another slimming component that is no longer present: caffeine. This manufacturer will then specialize in products around caffeine and, after research for ten years, he will release the complex [Complex Caffeine] 3D which will be considered as the first anti-cellulite complex.

Slim Design is considered, therefore, by its manufacturer, as the first care that fights against the 3 dimensions of cellulite, namely destocking, drainage and de-stiffening. The first results are expected from the end of the first week.

It would be an anti- cellulite revolution in 3 acts, thanks to the [Complexe Caffeine] 3D which would be able to act on the 3 major factors of cellulite for a visible smoothing of the orange peel.

In addition, Slim Design takes advantage of its so-called smart texture. These are reflective pigments that promote significant optical smoothing immediately, from the first application. This reflection technique is also used by other manufacturers in other anti-cellulite cream formulas.

Elancyl Slim Design Flat Stomach a Anti Cellulite Cream, THE INGREDIENTS

The essential component of Slim Design is the [Caffeine Complex] 3D which is considered by its manufacturer as a unique complex of anti-stiffening assets. Recall that it took some 10 years of research to release this complex that combines unprecedented 3 assets with the effectiveness already demonstrated. Ivy, caffeine and salacia (a unique plant active agent that acts directly on the stiffening of the connective tissue, one of the main responsible for the appearance of orange peel).

Slim Design Cafeine 3D Complex Caffeine, known for its action on the chain of lypolitic degradation, can destroy fat. It is an omnipresent component throughout the Elancyl range. The caffeine of Slim Design is reinforced by the addition of a natural and vegetal active, come from Guyana, namely Cécropia. This plant has effects that activate the degradation of triglycerides contained in the adipocyte diglycerides which allows to destock rebellious fat.

Ivy, another flagship and historic asset of the manufacturer of Elancyl Slim Design Flat Stomach a Anti Cellulite Cream, is here to reinforce the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Its action is ascertainable on the quality of the collagen which slows the glycation of the fibers (phenomenon at the origin of the stiffening of the tissues). The effect of ivy is potentiated by a specific massage based on a special technique of palpated-rolled. Ivy promotes physiological drainage and elimination of toxins.

This fresh, soft and very pleasant to apply gel contains a formula for caffeine delivered for 24 hours to first destock fat and block lipogenesis, as well as light reflecting pigments to obtain an immediate optical smoothing skin.

GHD Gold Styler-Straightener Flat Iron: Test and Reviews


GHD Styler Gold Max straightener

GHD Styler Gold Max straightener is nicknamed the Rolls-Royce hair straighteners by hair professionals. Having it at your fingertips at home is a great asset for the daily smoothing of your hair. You can be sure of getting a perfect result without having to think about the health of your hair.

After the great success of the GHD Styler Gold Classic professional hair straightener , the brand wanted once again to improve its products (and set the bar even higher for its competitors) and set itself the goal of creating the “straightener” perfect for long hair. And the GHD Styler Gold Max was! This is at least what is claimed by many users of hairdressers at home but also professionals in the hairdressing

GHD Gold Styler-Straightener Flat Iron: Test and Reviews

GHD Styler Gold Max straightener Presentation and characteristics

This little gem GHD Gold Styler has made and continues to be talked about. Her name is on every mouth, whether it’s home hairdressers or professional hairdressers who swear by this great brand. If you are used to going to a hairdressing salon, and your hairdresser uses the GHD brand, you have probably already had his recommendation during your small discussions no?

The hair straightener GHD Gold Max is akin to a magic wand of the hairstyle for all those who want to smooth and comb their long hair in a very short time. In five minutes you can get rid of your forks and hair badly tamed and enjoy a smooth and shiny hair.

And then I wondered if all this success was really justified. Nothing better to know than to test yourself. So I started and promised, I tell you everything!

The GHD Gold Max hair straightener comes with its protective case, convenient to carry it with you better, keep it safe and protect it on the go. Its very design colors, all in black and silver, give it a sober and glamorous look, always in tune with the times, as it knows how to make this prestigious brand.

GHD Styler Gold Max straightener 

Its power cord is very long (2.7 m) which allows a flexible and stress-free use. The GHD Gold Max Gold Styler Max is lighter than its predecessor and therefore stands easily in the hand. Its light weight combined with ergonomics very well studied ensures accurate movements. You can also with this model have less fear of burning you because it is now less warm to the touch thanks to its temperature control in real time. Its rounded body and 3d contours offer a flexible and precise use and allow you to get well-drawn ripples.

The hair is protected thanks to the extra large ceramic plates between which they slide very easily. The size of the plates is specially adapted for thick hair but also for any other type of hair. In summary, it is suitable for everyone!

With GHD Styler Gold Max hair straightener, it’s especially easy to get rid of all your curls and unwanted frizz! The result is without appeal! It is so satisfying that you will feel like leaving your favorite hairdresser.

Summary of features

  • Professional results at home
  • Plates with 3D contours and rounded body
  • Smooth and ceramic coating for a perfect glide
  • Less warm to the touch and lighter taking care of your hair
  • High temperature self-thermoregulation and ceramic heating
  • Automatic standby mode 30min
  • Universal Voltage usable anywhere in the world

Advantages and disadvantages

A big advantage of the GHD styler Gold Max is also the fact that it respects your hair and limits the heat attack thanks to the advantageous size of its ceramic plates. Indeed a single passage is already enough to smooth your hair and even give them a shine effect.

Another highlight of the GHD Gold Max straightener and its universal voltage, which allows you to use it wherever you want, even on the other side of the world! Its standby mode, which is also a novelty compared to the latest GHD Gold straightener. It has already happened to all of us to have forgotten to extinguish our hair straightener, for lack of time or reflex simply. With this function you will not have to ask twice after use if your straightener is unplugged! After 30 minutes of inactivity, the standby mode is automatically triggered.

Instructions in 4 steps only!

  1. Wash and dry your hair
  2. Plug in and turn on the hair straightener GHd gold classic
  3. Wait about 20 seconds, the heat is constant, a beep will sound to alert you when the iron is ready to use!
  4. Put the iron through your hair, depending on the hairstyle you want.

Several types of achievable hairstyle

Yes, in addition to offering you an extreme smoothing, it can also wavy and even curl your hair thanks to the rounded 3D design of its hotplates. Here are some quick tips:

To create an extra smooth hairstyle, use the GHD Styler Gold Max straightener , like a regular straightener, by selecting fine strands one by one, and starting from the top of the root, to the end of the hair.
In order to obtain a “wavy” result, otherwise called “wavy” in French, select fine strands of hair, one by one. Then pass the straightener while forming small movements of the hand. You can also wrap each wick around the straightener, then make a few small strokes, to create a very natural effect.
And finally, to get a curly result, select fine strands and wind them one by one in the straightener, by rotating it on itself. Pretty curls will appear.

My opinion about GHD Gold Max Hair Straightener Styler

It’s time to sum up the GHD Styler Gold Max straightener in a few words. Simply great lightness with great precision and excellent performance. If you have the means (the price is also the only little problem of this little gem), I can only advise you to think about your real need. If you start, know that in ten years he will always be at your side to smooth your hair the same way as the first day!

The weak spots
Its price is rather high


GHD different hair products

Just like the Ghd eclipse, it is also part of the straightener range to offer a complete treatment. It treats your hair thanks to its various hair care. Unfortunately, these products are not sold with the device, they are all over the counter on Amazon.fr. Be aware, however, that they are totally extra. You do not have to buy them.


Ghd style root lift spray root lift style spray ghd gold classic
This spray raises your roots to give body while moisturizing and offering volume. Result: you will get an immediate refresh and a hairstyle quickly more voluminous.
Its use: Spray near the roots and comb your hair. It is advisable to use this product on dry or slightly damp hair.
Ghd Style Root Lift Spray
Ghd style heat protect spray heat protect style spray ghd gold classic
This spray created a barrier against the harmful effects of high temperatures. It moisturizes and provides extra flexibility to your hair.
Its use: It must be sprayed on the entire length of your hair before proceeding to a smoothing session.
Ghd style heat protect spray
Ghd smooth and finish serum
ghd gold classic serum smooth and finish This serum significantly reduces the frizzy effects and static electricity, in other words, finishes the frizz! It will also give “peps” to your curls to make them even more resplendent.
Its use: Use preferably before a smoothing session, apply the serum on the palms and spread it over slightly damp hair. Then comb your hair with a comb.
Ghd smooth and finish serum

Pharmaton vitality Complex with Ginseng G115, an aid to pass the final exams

Selectivity and last-minute tensions are approaching. For young people, who have spent the whole year studying, this is the decisive moment: they arrive at the tests that will allow them to access a higher course and climb another rung in their academic career. In these moments, every detail counts, and you have to feel full, fit and prepared to face any unforeseen event. We present a great ally Pharmaton vitality Complex with Ginseng G115 for you to help your no longer so small to overcome the Stress or in any case, this hard final stage of each course before the holidays: Pharmaton Complex .

Pharmaton vitality with Ginseng G115 Optimal Physical and Mental Performance
Pharmaton vitality with Ginseng G115

Pharmaton vitality Complex with Ginseng G115

Pharmaton Complex is a vitamin complex specially designed to help our body to overcome the hard times in which fatigue, stress and physical exhaustion are shown as the protagonists. Its formula not only improves our physical performance but also our mental performance and improves our response to daily stress. Taking pharmaton complex adds ginseng , natural root that gives vitality and balances the mood. It is widely used in China and Korea, but in this format, together with vitamins and minerals, it restores the balance and functioning of the human metabolism.

One of its components is Gingseng G115, a standardized extract of natural origin that significantly improves our ability to adapt to situations of lack of energy and increases our ability to use oxygen. Better yet, its effect has been proven scientifically and in fact this product is so effective, that it is one of the most sold vitamin complexes .

What is it for

  • Eliminate fatigue
  • Improve the feeling of weakness.
  • Overcome physical exhaustion in times of stress.
  • Treat the mental apathy produced by deficiencies of minerals or vitamins.

It is advisable to take Pharmaton Complex in times of fatigue , decay, weakness and exhaustion and the maximum recommended dose is 1 tablet a day, preferably taken in the morning. And to make it easier, it is presented in an effervescent format and at a very affordable price.

Does Pharmaton complex get fat?

Many people have this doubt but it must be said that vitamins do not make you gain weight and minerals do not either, so pharmaton complex does not make you fat .
Complementing the diet with a multivitamin complex benefits the metabolism, makes it work well and assimilates better other essential nutrients that with certain deficiencies are difficult to assimilate.

Uses as a vitamin complex for fatigue

It is designed for the symptomatology of lack of vitality, fatigue and general decay. In a previous section we discussed what pharmacy complex is for but also, we can say that it is a vitamin complex for fatigue because:

Provides the group of vitamins in charge is the transformation of energy.
It includes essential minerals that intervene in the production and distribution of the fuel of the human body.

Other tips with which we can support the effectiveness of Pharmaton Complex( Pharmaton vitality Complex with Ginseng G115) and with which we can recover energy and maintain a more energetic state of mind are:

  • Perform moderate activity at least 3 times a week.
  • Maintain a balanced and healthy diet.
  • Have on hand energy foods like an ounce of chocolate, nuts, etc.
  • Keep a positive attitude.
  • With a little good humor, an ally like Pharmaton Complex and a good dose of patience, any unforeseen event can be fun. What do you think? How do you recover your energies and face the most hectic days?

Dosage: Adults: the recommended dose is 1 capsule along with food, refemente to breakfast. Children: its use is not recommended in children under 12 years of age.

LIERAC Body Slim Triple Action-Anti Cellulite Treatment

LIERAC BODY-SLIM is designed for women seeking a global anti-cellulite treatment that acts on the silhouette and quality of the skin.

When choosing a good cellulite product we ask ourselves what our priorities should be to make an “effective purchase”, we want our investment in time and money to generate the best results.

When I chose to try Lierac Body Slim’s new anti-cellulite, it was because I was convinced by the formula of this new concentrate, which has a global multi-action effect on the state of cellulite … .. Which means that in addition to reducing orange peel, It has a slimming effect on thighs and hips, also achieving a firmer skin. A round formula!

When I started using it I was surprised and convinced even more. I have conquered the properties and benefits that can be verified from the first application. And that is what ultimately made me appreciate that it is an amazing cellulite product:

LIERAC Body-Slim Triple Action
LIERAC Body Slim Triple Action
  • Its impeccable presentation , really appetizing, in a practical container with dispenser that makes it very comfortable to use.
  • Its texture , this pink serum-gel flux, is absorbed quickly, is easy to massage and leaves no traces of fat to be able to dress immediately.
  • Its soft smell and refreshing effect provide a pleasant feeling of lightness in the legs, as a toning lotion!

Its excellent formula , now BODY-SLIM, adds to the composition a substance patented by LIERAC, the WTB SYSTEM COMPLEX , which also transforms the white adipocytes that were resistant, into brown adipocytes, which we are able to eliminate naturally. It also contains LIPO-REVERSE, 10% active caffeine plus a glaucine complex that convert white adipocytes into “fibroblast” cells, cells that will be able to synthesize collagen fibers.

To complete the formula, it contains elderberry extract, which causes the release of the water retained between the fat groups.

The unique Morpho 4D complex:

1. Cellular messenger peptide (NGF-like): The 1st anti-cellulite active able to reactivate communication and cellular metabolisms at all skin levels

2. WTB-SYSTEM complex (Sacred lotus – white willow – biotechnical peptide): Favors the intense degumming of fat

3. Active caffeine complexes: Able to intensively stimulate lipolysis to eliminate fats

These three assets make this product a great innovation of LIERAC in the anti-cellulite sector in dermo-cosmetics, since in a single product it is possible to: desestocar the fats, reaffirm and smooth intensely thanks to a complete reactivation of the cellular metabolism.

Apply it like this! It will be more effective

LIERAC Body Slim Triple Action
LIERAC Body Slim Triple Action

Its global benefits . This product corrects all visible signs of embedded cellulite: orange peel, loss of firmness, water retention. Improves skin quality.
If we want it to work 100%, it is best to apply it for two weeks in a row, 1 to 2 times a day, using light massages on the affected areas (thighs, hips, buttocks).

Be consistent in the application and you will get to fight our enemy “cellulite” !!!


COMODYNES Self Tanning Body Mousse provides a natural and uniform tanning with out taking the sun. Comodynes Self-Tanning Body Mousse is the new body formula for a self-tanning natural, effective and uniform brand, which started with self-tanning wipes and now has a large number of products in this same range. The intensity of the tan depends on the skin type, providing a natural result in both light and dark types. Suitable for all skin types.

This new formula “texture mousse”, that is, in foam, has left me amazed !.
I have to admit that of all the ones I have tried as body tanners, this tone is the one that best remains, always clear, after a good application. But I must also add, that the product is very easy to apply! With which everything is improving in a matter of self tanners

Self Tanning Natural Body Mousse
You do not have to worry anymore! Self-Tanning with its mousse texture allows us an application, easy, comfortable and super nice

– Light texture of great extensibility.
– Provides a natural tone.
– Increases after 3 hours getting a maximum tone at 24H.
– Easy and comfortable application.
– It is the ideal format for the whole body.
– 3 hours for a complete application
– 4 days duration
– Tube of 150 ml

COMPOSITION of the self tanning body mousse COMODYNES

– Without parabens.
-No perfume allergens.
– Without colorants.
– Does not contain sunscreens.

DHA 100% VEGETAL Self-tanning active ingredient of vegetable origin (sugar cane) that reacts with the proteins of the stratum corneum producing a coloration similar to that of sun tanning, whose duration depends on the time of cell renewal.

ERYTHRULOSE Self-tanning active ingredient of vegetable origin (cane sugar) with the same mechanism of action as the dha, which prevents dehydration and the sensation of characteristic tightness and prolongs the tan.

Composed of butylene glycol and sorbitol. Assets that favor water retention in the stratum corneum and prevent dehydration.

Fresh perfume that completely covers and camouflages the smell of dha.

APPLICATION MODE of the body self-tanning Mousse COMODYNES

– Apply evenly on clean and dry skin.
– Wash your hands after use and wait for full absorption before dressing.
– To obtain a more intense initial tan, use 2 or 3 consecutive days, and then, once every 3-4 days.

I tell you its characteristics:

• Soft, fluffy and light texture
• Easy, comfortable and very pleasant application

Another point in favor: It has no color, the foam is white – personally I do not like anything that are brownies – and also the smell that gives off the skin due to DHA (dihydroxyacetone, a compound that if you look at it they take it all to get the false tan color) is much smaller than in others !.

• Golden and natural tanning at 3 hours after application.

In my opinion, when you start seeing yourself with more tone it is after the second application. I recommend one application per day, for 3 days in a row. At the third you see yourself with a great tone!

• Absorbs and dries very quickly on the skin: Check! • Pleasant perfume: Right! • 100% vegetable DHA

It should be applied on dry and exfoliated skin. I take this opportunity to tell you my favorite body scrubs, which are those of

What I do to make the self-tanner look good is the following:

– With patience I apply it for the whole body, I do not leave lines or marks of where I have arrived with the application.
– After spreading the foam and I feel it absorbed, I apply a light moisturizer throughout the body that slides easily through the skin to extend the previous product once more in a uniform way, just in case it has been more concentrated in some area.
– To avoid this, I pass a piece of cotton or a towel that is going to wash for areas where it could have been more concentrated product: Achilles tendon area and prominences of the ankle, knees both in front as from behind, lateral area of ​​the armpits. They are areas where the stratum corneum of the skin may be thicker, and in other cases they are folds of the body.
– In the case of the face, I do this same thing but in the area where the hair starts around the forehead, on the eyebrows, sideburns, ears and upper lip area up to the nose ..

You are friends! My discovery is counted, the moody of Comodynes takes my total apt! Since the others already knew them

Quinoa Health Benefits

Quinoa Health Benefits
Quinoa Health Benefits

Quinoa is a relatively new food for us, however, little by little it is becoming popular. The first thing to clarify a concept that does not seem to be entirely clear, the quinoa is not a cereal , however, thanks to the amount of starch it has and the way we consume it and mix it with other foods it has been considered a cereal. However, quinoa is a VEGETAL and, by the way, it is one of the most complete vegetables that currently exist as it provides the body with a great source of protein and carbohydrates .I tell you everything about Quinoa Health Benefits, its properties, benefits and its use in the kitchen .

Properties of quinoa

The quinoa is not more than a seed, but with unique characteristics to be consumed as a cereal, for that reason, we also call it pseudocereal. As such, quinoa provides most of its calories in the form of complex carbohydrates , but also provides about 16 grams of protein per 100 grams and offers about 6 grams of fat in the same amount of food.

If we compare quinoa with most cereals, it contains many more proteins and fats , although the latter are mostly unsaturated, highlighting the presence of omega 6 and omega 3 acids that help prevent heart disease and maintain good cardiovascular health. Regarding the caloric intake, the quinoa is similar or slightly higher than a cereal, since it contains less carbohydrates.

Also, quinoa is a vegetable rich in fiber which is ideal and highly recommended to consume for those who need to regulate intestinal transit, have problems of constipation or need to control weight.

If we refer to micronutrients, the quinoa highlights the content of potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and zinc among minerals, while also offers B vitamins in appreciable amounts and vitamin E with antioxidant function.

Also, because of its high fiber content and its greater protein intake compared to cereals, quinoa has a low glycemic index , which makes it ideal for people with diabetes or who wish to lose weight while eating healthy.

It is also a great help to control blood cholesterol levels, as its fiber and unsaturated lipids favor the lipid profile in the body.

Finally, note that quinoa is recommended for people with celiac disease since it is a gluten-free food .Of course, quinoa also helps to reverse constipation due to its high content of insoluble fiber, and can be very useful in the diet of vegetarians , since it has a high proportion of proteins and is also a good source of iron vegetable. Clearly quinoa can be used in all types of diets, is very useful and can offer significant benefits to the health of the body.

Quinoa Health Benefits: Quinoa is a grain rich in minerals and nutrients as it stands out for providing:

Calcium : A diet high in calcium helps prevent decalcification and osteoporosis. We can get it with a breakfast made of quinoa + nuts.

Potassium : Stimulates the movement of the intestine, promotes the elimination of fluids, helps fight fatigue and regulate blood pressure.

Magnesium : Its lack causes muscle weakness, cramps, tingling. In addition, quinoa is an excellent natural remedy to relieve the pain caused by migraines .

Phosphorus : Its presence is necessary for the correct functioning of the kidneys

Iron : Its deficit causes fatigue, anemia, poor performance and energy, hair loss and weakness in the nails, dizziness and greater ease to catch diseases.

Recipes with quinoa

To start using quinoa it is important to pre-wash the seeds , rubbing them gently with your hands, under the water, so that you remove the saponin layer that covers the seeds and that to stay there, it would provide a flavor bitter.

We must be careful given the smallness of the seed and we can do this operation on a screen. We should not soak, but wash and rinse repeatedly, I do it three or four times under the water tap, discarding the same in each wash.

Later we boiled as if it were rice, for 15 to 20 minutes or until the seed opens and ready to use.

Breakfasts with quinoa
One of the healthiest ways to start the morning recharging batteries is to take an energizing breakfast based on a green shake like the one explained by the compañera, Cristina Muñoz, in the post of collaboration, raw vegan food , and a bowl of quinoa mixed with raisins , red fruits or slices of banana. To add a touch of flavor you can add a little maple syrup or a few touches of cinnamon. As you can see it is a very healthy breakfast that contains many nutrients!

Main dishes with quinoa
Quinoa can be added in salads, combine with chickpeas and lentils and include with sauteed vegetables to give them more flavor.

Tips to Prevent Stress From Day to Day

We lead a crazy life, we run from one place to another, we look like  automatic Stress free livinggoing from home to work and from work to home … and when we least expect it, we explode! And is that stress is the worst life partner we can have, since there are many bad things that it gives us, in terms of physical and mental health, and that is why we must take into account several steps to get the batteries and start to take it away as much as possible from our life, take note!

  • Relativizing is one of the essential things we must do to not stress ourselves. By this I mean not overwhelmed by nonsense, not give so much importance to things that do not have, to live for what it deserves and not overload us with problems that do not correspond to us or that are not worth it.
  • Beware of medication! In case of stress and nerves, we often throw out pills for the nerves, or to sleep … that create a lot of dependency and we enter a spiral from which it is even more complicated to leave. For these cases it is good to value homeopathy as a treatment, an alternative complementary to the conventional one and guaranteed by law.
  • To rest well. This is a very important step, and when I say rest well, I say without getting into bed with the mobile phone or the Tablet to distract us until the many. A trick! For months I bought a traditional alarm clock because I used my cell phone as an alarm clock and, with the excuse, I slept with my cell phone on my head and it distracted me very much with him in bed. Since then, I leave at night loading in the living room and sleep much more comfortable and quiet.
  • The hot baths with lavender oil are fantastic, you know that I am a fan of them and I do at least two a week. They serve to eliminate stress, fatigue and accumulated tensions, and you sleep like a little angel.
  • For tensional headaches generated by stress, it is best to go for a walk in the air before returning home, rather than throwing ourselves back to ibuprofen or paracetamol. There are also natural oils in roll on for the area of ​​the temples that go great, and for the most chronic cases of headache you can also treat the symptoms with homeopathy that can relieve you.
  • Sports, sports and sport. It is essential against stress, anxiety and everything bad that overwhelms us and exhausts daily. Even though I am exhausted, I do not fail my aquapilates class twice a week, I walk at least half an hour daily or I do 20 minutes of stationary bicycle, it is fundamental and the body appreciates it and notices it immediately, you are much calmer, in way, de-stress, you get less tired … Those who can go for a run, it is a wonder also against daily stress and gives a rush of energy that, to start or end the day, is phenomenal.
  • Yes, my famous weekly “pharaohs”, those moments in which I do scrubs, masks, I go to the Spa or I get a beauty treatment … also essential to disconnect and feel better with ourselves.
  • The food is the last tip that I put, but perhaps the most important, and it is more than proven that eating well is essential for our body and, also, for our stress. I have been eating a lot better for a while, eliminating sugar, since I used to drink a lot of sugar and I have reduced it a lot, and betting on real food, homemade food that you prepare, without buying prepared, pre-cooked, frozen or anything rare that enter us through the eyes but, when reading the ingredients, you feel that, directly, you are poisoning yourself.

These are just some steps that we should start to put into practice to feel better and fight against daily stress. I, really, think that I put into practice almost everyone, and you? Can you add one more to the list to have a healthier life and less stress?

Diptyque Eau des Sens Eau De Toilette Review

Diptyque Eau des Sens Eau De Toilette is part of the niche perfume brands that I am with a lot of pleasure and interest. I like his toilet water, always very atypical and beautifully done.

For once an official description is right on the money! And this is the first time that I can not put words on a fragrance, to grasp it with its notes, to understand it and to “translate” it. “A little music that breathes on the skin” is exactly that! But what does that mean? Well, that means the water of the senses, you have to feel it to understand it because, as the house rightly says, this fragrance lacks common sense.

Diptyque Eau des Sens Eau De Toilette
Diptyque Eau des Sens Eau De Toilette

Springy , bright and at the same time quite deep, it escapes from the bottle even before its cap is removed. I wonder if his soft power and his extraordinary outfit is not the fruit of a pinch of black magic added by Diptyque in his laboratories of olfactory happiness …

The olfactory creations of Diptyque are atypical, the Eau des sens proves to be a paradoxical fragrance that holds us many pleasant surprises. It combines the transparency of a eau de toilette with a successful exercise around neroli and the comfort of a sensual fragrance, disturbing by its woody background.

The author of this perfume, the perfumer Olivier Pescheux, was inspired by the bitter orange tree. His departure around the orange blossom (or neroli) is addictive, both sparkling and fresh. This very reassuring essence plunges us into olfactory memories loaded with emotion and pleasure. But over time, this perfume becomes disturbing because it expresses its different facets over the hours. It takes us in a whirlwind of the senses, hanging here and there recognizable notes: more sustained notes like angelic, bitter orange, which give body and soul. More gourmet also with juniper berries. To gain power, patchouli gives it its seductive character. As and when it reveals a woody background twisted by spices such as ginger which allow it to retain its freshness while ensuring a singular and chic wake. Like Diptyque eau de toilette whose elegance is recognized in France and abroad.

In the end, this eau de toilette is very subtle, with a singular character as are usually the creations of the brand Diptyque. Unisex transparency, it will appeal to men as women by its freshness; ideal in this early spring when the weather varies with each hour alternating showers and thunderstorms, blowing hot and cold as successfully does this new perfume.

kitchenaid Hand blender 5-speed review

kitchenaid Hand blender 5-speed review

The Kitchen Assistant with Speed Blender in hand, meets all cooking and mixing needs on 5 Speed Kitchenaid Hand Blender will Satisfy all of your cooking and blending needs, while also providing a quick , easy cleaning. At less than 5 pounds this immersion blender will stick with its lithium-ion battery , which makes it not only rechargeable but portable as well. Its design also makes it easy to store and use every day.

The KitchenAid Hand Blender, It is also equipped with a DC motor that allows you to be quiet, high-performance and powerful. With an 8-inch hand, 3 interchangeable blades and your choice of 5 speeds, no work is too big or too small for this Hand blender.

KitchenAid Hand Blender


8 Inch Arm: This immersion blender has an 8 inch arm that has a non-stick grip and twist and lock function that makes mixing in deep pots and pans a breeze. Being able to easily switch between any of your three blades, without the need for tools, makes any kitchen task easy.

3 Different blades: The “S” blade, which is exclusively for mixing, crushing, crushing or mashing, is the perfect tool for the creation of beverages that tempt your palate. Chop multiple choice or mince foods from this immersion blender (think pico de gallo), and last but not least, the blender blade can whip up pancakes or waffle mix and any other creamy treat that can be imagine up. If the leaf attachments were not all large enough on your own, the 5 Speed ​​Kitchenaid comes with a pan guard to preserve your cooking utensils, too.

BPA-free: The jug and plastic mixing cups, which are also BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, can be used to create anything, from churning out the cake dough to walnuts. This device also features a 5-foot long cable that is extra long for larger kitchen spaces.

Great Motor: Your DC motor is both powerful and quiet and you can select the pace of 5 speed options.

I Liked:

  • The interchangeable blades
  • The pan guard that helps protect cookware
  • the 8 arm inches
  • It has a very silent motor
  • You have the option of 5 different speeds.

I Did not Like:

  • Quite heavy and difficult to use for long periods of time.
  • Low quality design


Additional-Long Arm: First, it’s the extra long arm you get inside any feasible pot without covering your hand in whatever mix you’re mixing. Your arm while being already long enough to reach inside any container, also has an ergonomic design that is easy on the hand and arm.

Pan Guard: While each sheet is made to conquer a different task and is individually great, the pan guard is an impressive addition. Not only does it keep your device in top shape, it also prevents you from damaging the inside of your other dishes. With that said, it comes with blades and accessories that are literally usable for any kitchen task.

Easy Cleaning: An additional benefit of the purchase of this appliance is that each of its annexes and containers are dishwasher safe … and we all know that it means easy cleaning. Secondly, plastic is everything created from a material without BPA, which makes them safe, too.

Silent Motor: If the attachments, design, look, blades and bread guard was not enough for you, the motor that is quiet enough to use while your child is asleep should really seal the agreement. Considering that it also comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty you can not go wrong.

however, there could be some improvements in weight shifting. Due to its construction quality (we are definitely not complaining), it tends to be a bit heavier than the average immersion blender. So, although it is comfortable in the hand, the arm will eventually tire.

That said, that price is also correct. This is absolutely a device that will go well in every kitchen at a price that most people can afford. Not only are you buying a quality immersion blender, but you’re also getting a half dozen attachments and containers to go with it.

KitchenAid Hand Blender

Who should buy
After reading the Kitchenaid Hand blender review on top of, we have a tendency to believe that you just can have to be compelled to believe us, after we say that this mixer extremely is for everybody. supported simply its skillfulness this product would work well within the home of a family who cooks oft or within the flat of the sole one who enjoys whipping up delicious cocktails for guests. Its DC motor, safe and free style of BPA dishwasher, numerous accessories create this a wonderful purchase for any buyer.

Reolink Argus surveillance camera

Reolink was founded in 2009 and specializes in the development and manufacture of Reolink argus surveillance camera and matching accessories. Currently, the company offers products in the following lines:

  • wireless surveillance cameras
  • Indoor cameras for the smart home
  • Wi-Fi & PoE cameras & NVR
  • complete surveillance camera systems
  • Reolink attaches particular importance to the development of its products with “plug and play” technologies to make installation and commissioning as easy as possible for the customer.

The Reolink Argus at a glance:

Reolink Argus Surveillance Camera – The wireless security for the house in the testDimensions: 15 x 12,4 x 8,2 cm
Weight: 522 g
Weatherproof design
100% wireless
Place & move everywhere
Up to 180 days of standby time
Two-way audio
1080p Full HD
130 ° wide-angle view
PIR motion detector
Intelligent alarms
Excellent night vision
Two-way audio
remote access
Battery Notifications
Supports rechargeable batteries
Fast wake-up

Reolink Argus surveillance camera
                            Reolink Argus surveillance camera


1 x Reolink Argus Security Camera
1 x magnetic holder
1 x slip-on bracket
1 x attachment adapter
4 x battery
1 x mounting material
1 x manual

Installation of the Reolink Argus surveillance camera:

The Reolink Argus is packed with accessories in a very compact box. Before commissioning, we still had to buy a micro SD card to use this for the recordings of the camera.
The Argus looks like an oversized tic-tac. It is very robust and excellently processed. Inside the case there is a sealing ring, as the camera is also weatherproof. So no moisture can penetrate into the housing. The surveillance camera should be installed on the front door of Danny’s parents’ house. You have two different ways to attach the Reolink Argus. First, you can put them on a pen (which is included) and screw them to the wall. In this variant, however, only the “horizontal” adjustment of the position is possible.

Therefore, we decided on the second mounting variant, in which a bracket is attached to the wall. The surveillance camera is magnetically attached to this bracket and can be rotated in almost any position. However, you should ALWAYS make sure that no public space (for example, the sidewalk) or parts of neighbor’s property are monitored and filmed. If someone complains about it, you can come in hell’s kitchen. Because that would not be legal.

Before that, however, we opened the Reolink Argus to use the Micro SD card and batteries. Then we could turn on the camera already. There is a QR code on the case that gives you direct access to the app needed to operate the camera. If you open the app after the installation, you will be assisted by a verbal wizard when commissioning the camera.

First you have to connect the camera with the app and the WLAN. If this happens, you can already see what the camera would film. You can now make various settings in the app. So you can give the camera, for example, a name. smith’s home now simply call her “front door.” If you take several cameras in operation and control the app, so you can immediately select by name, which camera you want to call.

In addition, you must also set the date and time at the beginning of the installation.

Reolink Argus Surveillance Camera:

The wireless security for the house in the test Further more, you can make several settings on the so-called PIR sensor, so the motion detector. So you can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor. The more sensitive he is, the faster he triggers an alarm. With the alarm one can adjust whether an acoustic alarm sound should be started (relatively loudly), whether push messages and an email should be sent, if it is released and in this case immediately a recording should be started, which then on the SD Card is saved.

In smith’s home, we have set the motion detector low, so that not every “shadow” alarm is triggered immediately and a recording starts. If you open the app, you always see the current live view. Here you can start, for example, a manual recording.

In the so-called playback area you can see on the basis of a timeline with rashes, when the motion detector was triggered. With the finger you can then scroll into a time range with recordings and select a more concrete time via a second timeline. If you now click on Play, you can look at what has been recorded. At the end of the selected recording, the app jumps immediately to the next recording, which was started by the motion sensor.

Reolink Argus Surveillance Camera – The wireless security for the house in the testThe operation is so very easy and comfortable.

By the way, you also have the option to use the Reolink Argus as a kind of intercom. Imagine, you are on the way and an alarm is triggered.

If you look at the live view and find something weird about, for example, someone is bothering you at the door, just activate the audio function and ask “hello, what are you doing?”. What do you think, how fast this person will then move away from your property.

Or you are expecting a visit and are late for something. The visit is already at the door. Then you could tell him via the audio feature of the Reolink Argus that you’ll be there in a few minutes and he should wait a moment. Practical, right?

Reolink Argus Surveillance Camera – The wireless security for the house in the test We were particularly curious about the night shot of the surveillance camera. These are also very good. You can see relatively many details, so that the camera also at night and with appropriate shots sufficiently good “material” supplies.

The simple installation via “Plug & Play” is driven to the extreme by Reolink in that it is extremely easy to “connect” the camera with other smartphones in the app. Simply install the app on the respective smartphone. On the smartphone with the original installation and configuration you call up a QR code and read it off in the Reolink app on the other smartphone, so to speak, and the surveillance camera is already connected to the app on the second smartphone. So easy-peasy. For other devices (ie smartphones or tablets) you do not have to do the entire initial installation.

we are absolutely thrilled with the Reolink Argus surveillance camera. It is extremely high quality and relatively small, so that it can be installed well in the door area, without disturbing.

Reolink Argus Surveillance Camera – The wireless security for the house in the test However, the highlights are the easy startup, the intuitive control and operation of the app, the high functionality and the very sharp shots. Also the night shots surprised positively.

In addition, the supplied batteries really seem to last a very long time because the camera is usually in stand-by mode unless the motion sensor strikes. We put the camera into operation three weeks ago and after the current battery level indicator, only about 5% of the capacity have been used up. You can also operate the surveillance camera with suitable batteries. These are relatively expensive. Nonetheless, we are now considering adding two sets of batteries, so you always have a full set of batteries on hand when the batteries are dead.

Now i am feeling a lot safer in the house lately because we had to go to the work and then my son was alone in the house. The Reolink Argus a reassuring, sure feeling.

Reolink Argus Surveillance Camera – The wireless security for the house in the test Although my son finds it a bit “spooky”, that we always knew exactly when he left the house and came back. Because always triggered of course the motion detector and started a recording :-). But now he just has to go through.

Of course, beyond that, of course, is that the camera can be completely operated in battery mode and you do not have to lay a cable and drill a hole in the wall.

Furthermore, the magnetic holder is absolutely great. The camera sits extremely tight and you can turn it in almost any position.

Due to the high quality, the ease of use, the high resolution, the weather resistance as well as the many functions and the excellent price-performance ratio, the Reolink Argus surveillance camera receives the highest score.