Reebok Mens Floatride Run Ultraknit Running Shoes

Reebok Mens Floatride Run Ultraknit Review

This is Reebok Mens Floatride Run Ultraknit Running shoes , which takes its name partly from the technology used in the midsole and in part of the fabric used in the upper . As we have said, it is the shoe located in the highest echelons of the Reebok running range. Of daily use for training, although perfectly valid for the competition, they are designed to travel long distances.

Therefore, Reebok bets on this new model as the flagship of the brand in shoes with maximum cushioning , establishing itself as a direct competition for high-end sneakers from other brands.

Reebok Mens Floatride Run Ultraknit

As we mentioned at the beginning, the name of the model of the shoe is due to the material used in the midsole. Floatride is an ultra-light EVA foam, with a very consistent and reactive structure , which aims to provide effective and long-lasting cushioning. The diamond-shaped cuts, located from the midfoot area to the toe, help to absorb the impact of the shoe with the floor and the subsequent bounce of it.

Completely wrapping the shoe and with triangle-shaped inserts on the Floatride material , another EVA foam of higher density is placed (in blue color in the photos) , which keeps the foot centered and stable during the cycle of the tread. In the same way that softens the initial impact against the ground, more if possible, if this is produced with the heel. The drop of this Floatride Run Ultraknit is 8 mm.

Inside, a removable template of generous thickness is housed, in the form of a wave in its lower part, imitating the same design as the drawing of the sole and which we will discuss in the following section. Underneath it, there is another layer of EVA foam sewn into the body of the shoe. Both add to the cushioning of the midsole.

As a curiosity, below the template we have discovered three inscriptions that correspond to three distances of half bottom and bottom (1,500, 5,000 and 10,000 meters) with three impressive marks, only reachable for elite athletes … very elite! In this case the marks correspond to the Olympic Sydney Maree, born in South Africa and who was already nationalized American, a great athlete in the 80s.

Reebok Mens Floatride Run Ultraknit

The sole is manufactured entirely with the same type of rubber. A resistant, thin and light rubber. Reebok has designed the tread of these Floatride with a wave pattern , which provides a consistent contact with the ground to promote a smooth transition from heel to toe. It is totally flat and uniform, covering the entire floor, letting glimpse the foam Floatride of the midsole, taking advantage of the cuts of flexion of the shoe, both transverse and longitudinal.

The areas where the sole does cover the entire surface, is in the part of the heel and in the part of the toe and area of ​​the inner side of the metatarsal, since they are the areas where greater wear occurs. The one of greater impact in the case of the heel and of traction of the foot in the case of the part of the toe. In the same way, are also the areas where a small recess is observed in the heel part, to facilitate the entry with that part of the foot, and the raised toe, which facilitates and favors the takeoff of the foot.

In short, it is a very thin sole, light and resistant, where the different studs are arranged in the form of a waffle, with the separation between these, the different bending cuts that are on the entire surface.

For this part of the Reebok creates Floatride Run Ultraknit running shoes, Reebok has used three different materials: Knit fabric for toe and instep, a soft and malleable foam with a certain point of rigidity that acts as a buttress, and a TPU material on the sides and wrapping the heel.

Reebok Mens Floatride Run Ultraknit

The Knit in one piece, seamless and breathable, allows the comfort of the foot as if it were a sock. In the areas that are more exposed to possible breaks, the thread is more united, forming a denser layer, while in the instep part, where a small reflecting detail presides, these threads are more separated, allowing even more perspiration, In addition to having a point more elasticity that the foot will surely appreciate.

The buttress is made with a light, soft and malleable foam, but which maintains a certain rigidity, helping the heel to be well attached. The upper edge is a little more padded to avoid chafing or discomfort in the Achilles tendon.

The third component of the upper, is a skeleton of TPU, robust but flexible, located on the sides of the shoes, and with the components joined together by a thin strip wrapping the heel, which will strengthen the support of it. It is also where the eyelets for the adjustment of the Reebok creates Floatride Run Ultraknit running shoes are housed. All this will reinforce the stability and adjustment to keep the feet well restrained. Right in the center of this skeletal frame, we find the Reebok logo, called “Delta Logo”. The laces are long and quite wide.

Reebok Mens Floatride Run Ultraknit SUMMARY

Reebok creates Floatride Run Ultraknit running shoes , providing a high performance running shoe , which is capable of rubbing shoulders with others of different signatures and similar characteristics. Designed to travel long distances , harmonizes cushioning and stability , to offer a very light shoe with a soft and effective bounce . The seamless upper part and its low cut design offers extra comfort and greater freedom of movement in the ankle, very much to be taken into account and to be thankful for, in the case of a sneaker to travel many kilometers. Breathability and comfort are not lacking to keep your feet dry even on the hottest days. Excellent choice of color combinations available.

The weight of the Reebok creates Floatride Run Ultraknit running shoes in their versions of men and women is 232 gr. in a 9 US and 198 gr. in a 7 US respectively. Perfect for any type of runner looking for a comfortable shoe, cushioned and that does not mind being running nonstop for a long time.

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