LIERAC Body Slim Triple Action-Anti Cellulite Treatment

LIERAC BODY-SLIM is designed for women seeking a global anti-cellulite treatment that acts on the silhouette and quality of the skin.

When choosing a good cellulite product we ask ourselves what our priorities should be to make an “effective purchase”, we want our investment in time and money to generate the best results.

When I chose to try Lierac Body Slim’s new anti-cellulite, it was because I was convinced by the formula of this new concentrate, which has a global multi-action effect on the state of cellulite … .. Which means that in addition to reducing orange peel, It has a slimming effect on thighs and hips, also achieving a firmer skin. A round formula!

When I started using it I was surprised and convinced even more. I have conquered the properties and benefits that can be verified from the first application. And that is what ultimately made me appreciate that it is an amazing cellulite product:

LIERAC Body-Slim Triple Action
LIERAC Body Slim Triple Action
  • Its impeccable presentation , really appetizing, in a practical container with dispenser that makes it very comfortable to use.
  • Its texture , this pink serum-gel flux, is absorbed quickly, is easy to massage and leaves no traces of fat to be able to dress immediately.
  • Its soft smell and refreshing effect provide a pleasant feeling of lightness in the legs, as a toning lotion!

Its excellent formula , now BODY-SLIM, adds to the composition a substance patented by LIERAC, the WTB SYSTEM COMPLEX , which also transforms the white adipocytes that were resistant, into brown adipocytes, which we are able to eliminate naturally. It also contains LIPO-REVERSE, 10% active caffeine plus a glaucine complex that convert white adipocytes into “fibroblast” cells, cells that will be able to synthesize collagen fibers.

To complete the formula, it contains elderberry extract, which causes the release of the water retained between the fat groups.

The unique Morpho 4D complex:

1. Cellular messenger peptide (NGF-like): The 1st anti-cellulite active able to reactivate communication and cellular metabolisms at all skin levels

2. WTB-SYSTEM complex (Sacred lotus – white willow – biotechnical peptide): Favors the intense degumming of fat

3. Active caffeine complexes: Able to intensively stimulate lipolysis to eliminate fats

These three assets make this product a great innovation of LIERAC in the anti-cellulite sector in dermo-cosmetics, since in a single product it is possible to: desestocar the fats, reaffirm and smooth intensely thanks to a complete reactivation of the cellular metabolism.

Apply it like this! It will be more effective

LIERAC Body Slim Triple Action
LIERAC Body Slim Triple Action

Its global benefits . This product corrects all visible signs of embedded cellulite: orange peel, loss of firmness, water retention. Improves skin quality.
If we want it to work 100%, it is best to apply it for two weeks in a row, 1 to 2 times a day, using light massages on the affected areas (thighs, hips, buttocks).

Be consistent in the application and you will get to fight our enemy “cellulite” !!!