Rechargeable camping lantern buying guide

The cozy get-together in the evening with friends and new neighbors in the campsite makes the holiday a real rest. In the evenings, a LED camping light |LED Camping Lantern or portable LED Lantern that can be placed anywhere ensures lighting at the table, on the barbecue and on paths.
But even if you spend a fishing weekend or are on a trekking tour longer, you need a reliable light source away from any power outlet: A powerful, compact LED camping lantern is definitely one of your equipment.

The most important thing about LED camping lantern as a quick overview:

Camping lanterns can provide intense light for many hours, so you always have optimal lighting conditions available.
Modern camping lanterns have a built-in USB port that allows charging of smartphones, tablets or other devices.
Special features allow the hanging of the camping lantern inside the tent, so you can not accidentally knock the lantern over.The design of portable LED camping lanterns is already known from earlier centuries. In the Middle Ages candles donated the light in a shell of glass and metal, occasionally also oil lamps. Historical models of today’s models are also sheet metal lanterns without glass or crystal letters and wrought-iron, artistically designed hanging lanterns. The light source used today are LED bulbs or a wick over a gas source. Operational safety has improved significantly, as has the weight of this type of lighting.

Construction and equipment of a LED camping lantern

The exterior of a camping lantern consists of a plastic housing in cylindrical shape or, depending on the model, another design that is favorable for lighting. Metal components allow you to carry the lantern , open the case and set it up. For camping purposes, a carrying handle is also necessary, on which the lantern can be carried during a change of location. The models are equipped with either wick and gas source or LED bulbs and batteries .

Differences in the mode of LED camping lanterns

The most frequently offered camping lantern is mean while the. A rechargeable battery or batteries provide power to small, energy-saving lamps. The output light is bright enough depending on the LED lamp used and is evenly lit for many hours. Warm white light colors best serve the purpose of brightening the walk or seating area in the dark. From the mains are independent. Their reliability is lower than that of LED variants. Therefore, this mode is only used when neither batteries nor batteries are carried. H2 – Differences in the power supply of electric camping lanterns are very luminous for many hours. The operating time depends on the power of the battery. For extensive use plans, therefore, at least one freshly charged replacement battery should be carried in your luggage. are used less often. The battery life is shorter than that of a battery. Therefore, enough spare batteries have to be carried for use at the campsite. How long a battery pack lasts depends on its quality, which can not always be estimated with certainty. Charge themselves in daylight and give off the stored energy at dusk. The luminosity of such a lantern is less strong than in battery or battery operation. Also, especially after cloudy days of cloud a rapid slowdown in performance can be seen. But this is the most environmentally friendly mode, for which no spare parts must be carried. depends on their quality, which can not always be estimated with certainty. Charge themselves in daylight and give off the stored energy at dusk. The luminosity of such a lantern is less strong than in battery or battery operation. Also, especially after cloudy days of cloud a rapid slowdown in performance can be seen. But this is the most environmentally friendly mode, for which no spare parts must be carried. depends on their quality, which can not always be estimated with certainty. Charge themselves in daylight and give off the stored energy at dusk. The luminosity of such a lantern is less strong than in battery or battery operation. Also, especially after cloudy days of cloud a rapid slowdown in performance can be seen. But this is the most environmentally friendly mode, for which no spare parts must be carried. Also, especially after cloudy days of cloud a rapid slowdown in performance can be seen. But this is the most environmentally friendly mode, for which no spare parts must be carried. Also, especially after cloudy days of cloud a rapid slowdown in performance can be seen. But this is the most environmentally friendly mode, for which no spare parts must be carried.

Stand lamp with suspension function
Who buys a camping lantern should absolutely make sure that it can be stored standing and hanging. If you sit around the campfire and want to take a closer look at a magazine or a book, then the stand function, which gives the user additional light is suitable. Inside the tent, the lamp should not stand, as it can be knocked over quickly. An integrated suspension makes it possible to hang the camping lantern at the highest point inside the tent.

LED Camping lantern buying advice
What needs to be considered before buying?
Adjustability: The lamp should at best be infinitely adjustable. In this way, the lighting conditions can be easily adapted to the environment.
Illuminated field: In order to get the widest possible view, the illuminated field of the camping lantern should be particularly far-reaching. Many devices allow you to remove the surrounding protection bracket, increasing the light radius.
Material properties:

Particularly important is the high quality finish of the material that protects the lamp. This must be splash-proof, so there is no short-circuit. Once the lamp falls over, shatter-proof and scratch-resistant material is very suitable.

Luminous life and chargeability:

The camping lantern should be powered by electricity. This has the advantage that no additional gas container must be carried. After a single charge, the batteries of the camping lantern are usually up to 10 hours preserved. High-quality devices have a lighting duration of up to 41 hours.
A small power bank is available for a few euros and can be easily stowed in any camping baggage.
USB connection: A special highlight is when the lamp is equipped with a USB port. So the smartphone or tablet can be charged during the camping trip with the camping lantern.

Advantages of a camping lantern

* Good lighting options without direct dependence on the power grid
* Mobile and weatherproof lighting variant
* Brand models against splashing water and often even protected against accidental submersion
* Can be mounted inside the tent
* In the outdoor area good fire protection in the area
* Break-resistant housing in lightweight, even for children well portable design
* Various light modes available
* Can be used as a charging station for the smartphone

Disadvantages of camping lights

* Operation of gas lanterns less safe than electric models
* For electric models, depending on the model, replacement batteries or replacement batteries are required in your luggage

Buying guide for choosing the best individual camping lantern

When purchasing camping lantern products, it is advisable to pay attention to numerous characteristics and criteria, so you should think in advance what is most important to yourself: the quality, the price or rather the design? Do not just focus on the price, but look which features and features are relevant to your needs.

These following questions also help to find the best individual model for use in the garden in front of the house: 

a) Is the camping lantern mainly used for travel purposes or rather for lighting the hotel’s own outdoor area? To illuminate the outdoor area, LED lanterns with battery operation are sufficient. For travel purposes better powerful battery models should be chosen. In order to carry fewer accessories, a gas model may be useful if camping gas is used at the resort anyway. When hiking solar models are too weak, but donate a soothing lighting on balmy evenings on the terrace or balcony.

b) What travel risks can be assessed in terms of weather and terrain according to past experience? Splashing water or mud can not handle all models, but a camping lantern in a waterproof case. Models without splash water protection are not recommended in favor of operational safety.

c) Which brightness should the camping lantern provide permanently? Camping lanterns with solar panels are not bright enough for a night walk, but sufficient for an evening garden party. If you value consistent brightness, this is most reliable for battery models (LED lantern).

I will then introduce you to Top 3 LED cam-ling lamps to alert you to various differences.

1st winner – Varta 4 Watt LED Camping Lantern 3D

Varta 4 Watt LED Camping Lantern 3D

Height: 19 cm
Diameter: 9 cm
Weight: 835 g
Lumen: 305
Light modes: 3
Watt: 4
Number of LEDs: 3
Waterproof: IPX4
Power supply: 3 D batteries
The Varta Camping Lantern 3D appears at first glance identical to some competitors, but in detail shows in the construction and the performance of a category-defining LED camping lamp.

The housing
The rubberized case with wide grip profiles offers non-slip handling and absorbs any falls. Even the side handles are ABS coated.

Bayonet locks securely hold the top with the suspension handle and the bottom with the battery compartment. An alu ring significantly increases stability and an O-ring prevents the ingress of moisture.

Nubs on the bottom ensure an extremely firm footing and the lamp can be attached to the hook. The inside ribbed lampshade produces homogeneous light. What anno many buyers, is a sticker on the glass, which can be very bad remove.

The functions
The light from three LEDs is emitted horizontally at a 360 ° angle, which illuminates a large area. The Varta lantern is easy to take along and attach to the upper folding handle. The handle is coated non-slip in contrast to some competitors.

Some buyers find the cold white strong light uncomfortable and dazzling. Without the upper part attached overhead, the fixed, milky cover and the ribbed reflector produce approx. 25 lux light output with a range of up to 10 m.

The light modes
By continuously pressing the rubberized control switch, switch the light modes from full mode to half mode, flashing or “off”. The pressure point is quite firm, you have to hold the lamp when switching. A tiny green LED above the knob signals stand-by mode.

The power supply via three mono batteries should be sufficient according to the manufacturer in energy-saving mode up to 150 hours, in maximum mode up to 72 hours. Alternatively, you can also insert 1.2 V D batteries of 4000 – 4500 mAh. If you need longer runtime, there are compatible 10000 mAh type D batteries.


  • High Power LEDs
  • high quality
  • long burn time


  • 850 g heavy with batteries
  • persistent sticker
  • Contact plate Battery compartment rotates

If you are looking for a good LED camping light, the Varta 4 Watt LED Camping Lantern 3D convinces on the whole line. It has a high-quality, robust housing, three light modes and comes with amazingly long D mono batteries or rechargeable batteries.

The 4 watt LED emits blue-white light, which produces the brightest light output, but looks cold. If you want to buy the best LED camping light in the middle price range of the product category, or generally look around in the product category Camping lantern test winner, you will hardly get a better option under 20 euros (when writing the article) than with the Varta camping lantern.

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2. Foldable and Cheap – LE LED Camping Lantern


LE portable LED Camping Lantern
  • Height: 13.3 cm and 4.8 cm
  • Diameter: 8.6 cm
  • Weight: 119 g
  • Lumen: 15 – 30
  • Light modes: 3
  • Watt: 1
  • Number of LEDs: 1
  • Waterproof: IPX4
  • Power supply: 3 AA batteries

Lighting Ever, the well-known lighting brand, has landed a real hit for outdoor enthusiasts with its versatile and foldable camping lantern . The handy lighting has the ideal format for the backpack, it lights up a tent and is also a good help as a flashlight.

The housing
The neatly crafted Lighting Ever lantern is designed like a screwdriver that protects the inner lamp body against pressure and damage during transport. So the lamp requires minimal space in the luggage.

The switch on the orange ring has a fixed pressure point. When unscrewing the two halves of the housing, white tissue appears to be taut by a strong spring. The tension makes it difficult to screw the case together, some buyers say.

The housing is splash-proof according to IPX4, which allows it to withstand light rain. The handling is good, because the surface is equipped with a non-slip coating.

The functions
In the lid, a folding handle is integrated, with which the light 119 grams can be attached to the tent poles and thinner branches. The handle is praised as the lamp in the notch balances just hanging. The photo is homogeneous and effortlessly illuminates a tent.

When folded, the Lighting Ever light can also be used as a flashlight. The LED is located exactly behind a lens built into the case back, which bundles the light well.

The light modes
Three light modes are available with this LED tent lamp: 100% and 50% brightness and stroboscopic function, which flashes in the brightest light mode. The operating times in full mode are 15 hours, in half-mode 30 hours and in strobo mode about 23 hours.

The light color is cool white. Not included are the three required AA batteries. The manufacturer gives a one-year warranty and names the life of the LED at 50,000 hours.


  • save space
  • usable as flashlight
  • 3 light modes


  • Button pressed in the backpack
  • moderate light output
  • not crash proof

The foldable Lighting Ever Lantern heads the favorably priced product category LED camping light with mostly positive customer opinions.

Below seven euros (when writing the article) costs the multifunctional outdoor lighting with three light modes, long light duration, suspension handle and flashlight function. Hikers, anglers and campers are well equipped with the practical lamp for long evenings.

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3.LE Portable LED Camping Lantern 500lm Light 3 Modes Battery Powered IPX4 Waterproof Lamp for Hiking Fishing Indoor Outdoor Emergency

LE Portable LED Camping Lantern 500lm
  • Height: 17.4 cm
  • Length: 9.9 cm
  • Diameter: 8.8 cm
  • Weight: 462 g net
  • Lumen: 500
  • Light modes: 3
  • Watt: 9
  • Number of LEDs: 3
  • Waterproof: IP20
  • Power supply: 3 D batteries
Lighting Ever has the ultra-bright COB LED camping light for camping or gardening . Who wants to illuminate his front yard or sits together in the evening in convivial round, needs power.
The housing
The LED camping lantern is solid processed. The housing is profiled on the bottom, the side parts and lid gummed and ribbed, so it is easy to handle and is non-slip.
The pressure switch is also rubberized, probably because of the low IP20 rating, which means “not waterproof”. Behind the clear glass are three vertically arranged LEDs and the reflector in the lid ensures strong horizontal illumination. The area under the lamp remains in the dark.
A small indicator light will flash above the switch to help you locate it when it is off and prevent you from stumbling over it in the dark.
The functions
The cover glass together with the lid is unscrewed to hang the lamp on the integrated hook in the floor. The protected under a glass dome LEDs illuminate as well as the area below, which is optimal in a tent.
The upper bracket is ungummed in the new version, so that the lamp slips off sloping lines. With batteries inserted, the lamp weighs over 800 grams, which requires even thicker branches to attach.
The light modes
Continuous pressing of the control knob leads through the lighting levels full brightness with 500 lumens, half level with 250 lumens and flashing with maximum power. The lifetime of the LEDs should be 30,000 hours.
The manufacturer specified 20 hours of operation are set too high. Buyers report consistently from 8 to 9 hours with a battery pack. The very bright light performance is praised, but the clear glass and the cool white light color cause a disturbing glare effect. The predecessor model with ribbed cover glass was therefore more pleasant.
  • high light output
  • high quality processed
  • analyzable
  • high energy consumption
  • the light is dazzling
  • heavy
By and large, Lighting Ever maintains the benefits of its predecessor. The only legitimate criticism is the clear glass, whereby the strong light dazzles. The battery consumption and performance are relatively short, but high, which is acceptable in relation.
For about a small price while writing this article a large area of ​​500 lumens is illuminated, which in the product category LED camping light comparison is a top performance and therefore deserves the clear buy recommendation.

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