Diptyque Eau des Sens Eau De Toilette Review

Diptyque Eau des Sens Eau De Toilette is part of the niche perfume brands that I am with a lot of pleasure and interest. I like his toilet water, always very atypical and beautifully done.

For once an official description is right on the money! And this is the first time that I can not put words on a fragrance, to grasp it with its notes, to understand it and to “translate” it. “A little music that breathes on the skin” is exactly that! But what does that mean? Well, that means the water of the senses, you have to feel it to understand it because, as the house rightly says, this fragrance lacks common sense.

Diptyque Eau des Sens Eau De Toilette
Diptyque Eau des Sens Eau De Toilette

Springy , bright and at the same time quite deep, it escapes from the bottle even before its cap is removed. I wonder if his soft power and his extraordinary outfit is not the fruit of a pinch of black magic added by Diptyque in his laboratories of olfactory happiness …

The olfactory creations of Diptyque are atypical, the Eau des sens proves to be a paradoxical fragrance that holds us many pleasant surprises. It combines the transparency of a eau de toilette with a successful exercise around neroli and the comfort of a sensual fragrance, disturbing by its woody background.

The author of this perfume, the perfumer Olivier Pescheux, was inspired by the bitter orange tree. His departure around the orange blossom (or neroli) is addictive, both sparkling and fresh. This very reassuring essence plunges us into olfactory memories loaded with emotion and pleasure. But over time, this perfume becomes disturbing because it expresses its different facets over the hours. It takes us in a whirlwind of the senses, hanging here and there recognizable notes: more sustained notes like angelic, bitter orange, which give body and soul. More gourmet also with juniper berries. To gain power, patchouli gives it its seductive character. As and when it reveals a woody background twisted by spices such as ginger which allow it to retain its freshness while ensuring a singular and chic wake. Like Diptyque eau de toilette whose elegance is recognized in France and abroad.

In the end, this eau de toilette is very subtle, with a singular character as are usually the creations of the brand Diptyque. Unisex transparency, it will appeal to men as women by its freshness; ideal in this early spring when the weather varies with each hour alternating showers and thunderstorms, blowing hot and cold as successfully does this new perfume.