kitchenaid Hand blender 5-speed review

kitchenaid Hand blender 5-speed review

The Kitchen Assistant with Speed Blender in hand, meets all cooking and mixing needs on 5 Speed Kitchenaid Hand Blender will Satisfy all of your cooking and blending needs, while also providing a quick , easy cleaning. At less than 5 pounds this immersion blender will stick with its lithium-ion battery , which makes it not only rechargeable but portable as well. Its design also makes it easy to store and use every day.

The KitchenAid Hand Blender, It is also equipped with a DC motor that allows you to be quiet, high-performance and powerful. With an 8-inch hand, 3 interchangeable blades and your choice of 5 speeds, no work is too big or too small for this Hand blender.

KitchenAid Hand Blender


8 Inch Arm: This immersion blender has an 8 inch arm that has a non-stick grip and twist and lock function that makes mixing in deep pots and pans a breeze. Being able to easily switch between any of your three blades, without the need for tools, makes any kitchen task easy.

3 Different blades: The “S” blade, which is exclusively for mixing, crushing, crushing or mashing, is the perfect tool for the creation of beverages that tempt your palate. Chop multiple choice or mince foods from this immersion blender (think pico de gallo), and last but not least, the blender blade can whip up pancakes or waffle mix and any other creamy treat that can be imagine up. If the leaf attachments were not all large enough on your own, the 5 Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčKitchenaid comes with a pan guard to preserve your cooking utensils, too.

BPA-free: The jug and plastic mixing cups, which are also BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, can be used to create anything, from churning out the cake dough to walnuts. This device also features a 5-foot long cable that is extra long for larger kitchen spaces.

Great Motor: Your DC motor is both powerful and quiet and you can select the pace of 5 speed options.

I Liked:

  • The interchangeable blades
  • The pan guard that helps protect cookware
  • the 8 arm inches
  • It has a very silent motor
  • You have the option of 5 different speeds.

I Did not Like:

  • Quite heavy and difficult to use for long periods of time.
  • Low quality design


Additional-Long Arm: First, it’s the extra long arm you get inside any feasible pot without covering your hand in whatever mix you’re mixing. Your arm while being already long enough to reach inside any container, also has an ergonomic design that is easy on the hand and arm.

Pan Guard: While each sheet is made to conquer a different task and is individually great, the pan guard is an impressive addition. Not only does it keep your device in top shape, it also prevents you from damaging the inside of your other dishes. With that said, it comes with blades and accessories that are literally usable for any kitchen task.

Easy Cleaning: An additional benefit of the purchase of this appliance is that each of its annexes and containers are dishwasher safe … and we all know that it means easy cleaning. Secondly, plastic is everything created from a material without BPA, which makes them safe, too.

Silent Motor: If the attachments, design, look, blades and bread guard was not enough for you, the motor that is quiet enough to use while your child is asleep should really seal the agreement. Considering that it also comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty you can not go wrong.

however, there could be some improvements in weight shifting. Due to its construction quality (we are definitely not complaining), it tends to be a bit heavier than the average immersion blender. So, although it is comfortable in the hand, the arm will eventually tire.

That said, that price is also correct. This is absolutely a device that will go well in every kitchen at a price that most people can afford. Not only are you buying a quality immersion blender, but you’re also getting a half dozen attachments and containers to go with it.

KitchenAid Hand Blender

Who should buy
After reading the Kitchenaid Hand blender review on top of, we have a tendency to believe that you just can have to be compelled to believe us, after we say that this mixer extremely is for everybody. supported simply its skillfulness this product would work well within the home of a family who cooks oft or within the flat of the sole one who enjoys whipping up delicious cocktails for guests. Its DC motor, safe and free style of BPA dishwasher, numerous accessories create this a wonderful purchase for any buyer.