In addition to muscle your thighs, buttocks and abs impressively, cycling is a means of green transportation and a pleasant activity with friends or family. The goal is to show that cycling is a great way to get around everyday. So, here are good reasons to adopt the bike as a daily mode of travel. If you still have to convince yourself, here are some good reasons to Ride a Bike again!

1. Ride a bike makes you happier!

The study by Portland doctoral student Oliver Smith (2012) proves that cyclists are the happiest “commuters”! Traveling to work with an active mode of travel, deciding time, distance, etc. promotes health and well-being .

2. Cycling is good for you :

By cycling in the morning, all our senses are on alert and our reflexes are activated.

At the same time, the practice of regular exercise promotes the release of endomorphins, the pleasure hormone. Thus, the practitioners of a regular physical exercise note many benefits in everyday life (better shape, restful sleep, strengthening of the immune system) and in the long term the scientific studies prove that a regular daily exercise lengthens the life expectancy.

Biking is a sport that helps reduce cardiovascular risk, work the heart and develop physical endurance. In addition, the bike improves blood circulation in the legs, which can promote the reduction of cellulite.

3. Cycling is a sport :

Regular cycling helps to tone and sculpt the silhouette while burning calories

Cycling is an anti-cellulite sport.

If you are looking for an anti-cellulite sport , look no further! The bike is a sport of endurance, fat burning and focused on the lower body, it is the ideal weapon to make the skin with dimples.

The bike to spend calories.
It takes longer to be tired during a bike session than during a swim or race. As a result, you can ride a bike longer and burn more calories .

But then, how long does cycling take to burn a maximum of calories?

To give you an idea, in 1 hour of cycling, a woman of about 60 kilos burns:

– 354 slow-paced calories (between 16 and 19km / h)
– 472 calories at a moderate pace (between 19 and 22 km / h)
– 590 calories at a vigorous pace (between 22 and 25 km / h)
– 408 calories at a speed of race (between 25 and 30 km / h)

Even at a leisure trip, less than 16km / h, you still burn 236 calories in one hour.

Cycling means working on cardio.
It has been said and it is repeated: working the cardio is ideal to lose weight and eliminate toxins, but also to develop endurance and strengthen the heart.

But cycling is cardio.

4. Cycling: other benefits as a bonus

You can ride a bike by visiting beautiful places.

Unlike a swimming session , where the landscape comes down to the tiles at the bottom of the pool, or an indoor sports session, where we no longer see the day, the bike can enjoy the scenery.

All the more so when you bike, you travel far more distances than on foot or running.

Tip: prepare your circuits in advance, according to the distances you are willing to cover. There are bound to be pretty things to see around your home.

You can ride a bike all the time.
With cycling, you do not have to wonder how many times a week you have to ride a bike , because you can do it ALL THE TIME.

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Quinoa Health Benefits

Quinoa Health Benefits
Quinoa Health Benefits

Quinoa is a relatively new food for us, however, little by little it is becoming popular. The first thing to clarify a concept that does not seem to be entirely clear, the quinoa is not a cereal , however, thanks to the amount of starch it has and the way we consume it and mix it with other foods it has been considered a cereal. However, quinoa is a VEGETAL and, by the way, it is one of the most complete vegetables that currently exist as it provides the body with a great source of protein and carbohydrates .I tell you everything about Quinoa Health Benefits, its properties, benefits and its use in the kitchen .

Properties of quinoa

The quinoa is not more than a seed, but with unique characteristics to be consumed as a cereal, for that reason, we also call it pseudocereal. As such, quinoa provides most of its calories in the form of complex carbohydrates , but also provides about 16 grams of protein per 100 grams and offers about 6 grams of fat in the same amount of food.

If we compare quinoa with most cereals, it contains many more proteins and fats , although the latter are mostly unsaturated, highlighting the presence of omega 6 and omega 3 acids that help prevent heart disease and maintain good cardiovascular health. Regarding the caloric intake, the quinoa is similar or slightly higher than a cereal, since it contains less carbohydrates.

Also, quinoa is a vegetable rich in fiber which is ideal and highly recommended to consume for those who need to regulate intestinal transit, have problems of constipation or need to control weight.

If we refer to micronutrients, the quinoa highlights the content of potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and zinc among minerals, while also offers B vitamins in appreciable amounts and vitamin E with antioxidant function.

Also, because of its high fiber content and its greater protein intake compared to cereals, quinoa has a low glycemic index , which makes it ideal for people with diabetes or who wish to lose weight while eating healthy.

It is also a great help to control blood cholesterol levels, as its fiber and unsaturated lipids favor the lipid profile in the body.

Finally, note that quinoa is recommended for people with celiac disease since it is a gluten-free food .Of course, quinoa also helps to reverse constipation due to its high content of insoluble fiber, and can be very useful in the diet of vegetarians , since it has a high proportion of proteins and is also a good source of iron vegetable. Clearly quinoa can be used in all types of diets, is very useful and can offer significant benefits to the health of the body.

Quinoa Health Benefits: Quinoa is a grain rich in minerals and nutrients as it stands out for providing:

Calcium : A diet high in calcium helps prevent decalcification and osteoporosis. We can get it with a breakfast made of quinoa + nuts.

Potassium : Stimulates the movement of the intestine, promotes the elimination of fluids, helps fight fatigue and regulate blood pressure.

Magnesium : Its lack causes muscle weakness, cramps, tingling. In addition, quinoa is an excellent natural remedy to relieve the pain caused by migraines .

Phosphorus : Its presence is necessary for the correct functioning of the kidneys

Iron : Its deficit causes fatigue, anemia, poor performance and energy, hair loss and weakness in the nails, dizziness and greater ease to catch diseases.

Recipes with quinoa

To start using quinoa it is important to pre-wash the seeds , rubbing them gently with your hands, under the water, so that you remove the saponin layer that covers the seeds and that to stay there, it would provide a flavor bitter.

We must be careful given the smallness of the seed and we can do this operation on a screen. We should not soak, but wash and rinse repeatedly, I do it three or four times under the water tap, discarding the same in each wash.

Later we boiled as if it were rice, for 15 to 20 minutes or until the seed opens and ready to use.

Breakfasts with quinoa
One of the healthiest ways to start the morning recharging batteries is to take an energizing breakfast based on a green shake like the one explained by the compañera, Cristina Muñoz, in the post of collaboration, raw vegan food , and a bowl of quinoa mixed with raisins , red fruits or slices of banana. To add a touch of flavor you can add a little maple syrup or a few touches of cinnamon. As you can see it is a very healthy breakfast that contains many nutrients!

Main dishes with quinoa
Quinoa can be added in salads, combine with chickpeas and lentils and include with sauteed vegetables to give them more flavor.

Tips to Prevent Stress From Day to Day

We lead a crazy life, we run from one place to another, we look like  automatic Stress free livinggoing from home to work and from work to home … and when we least expect it, we explode! And is that stress is the worst life partner we can have, since there are many bad things that it gives us, in terms of physical and mental health, and that is why we must take into account several steps to get the batteries and start to take it away as much as possible from our life, take note!

  • Relativizing is one of the essential things we must do to not stress ourselves. By this I mean not overwhelmed by nonsense, not give so much importance to things that do not have, to live for what it deserves and not overload us with problems that do not correspond to us or that are not worth it.
  • Beware of medication! In case of stress and nerves, we often throw out pills for the nerves, or to sleep … that create a lot of dependency and we enter a spiral from which it is even more complicated to leave. For these cases it is good to value homeopathy as a treatment, an alternative complementary to the conventional one and guaranteed by law.
  • To rest well. This is a very important step, and when I say rest well, I say without getting into bed with the mobile phone or the Tablet to distract us until the many. A trick! For months I bought a traditional alarm clock because I used my cell phone as an alarm clock and, with the excuse, I slept with my cell phone on my head and it distracted me very much with him in bed. Since then, I leave at night loading in the living room and sleep much more comfortable and quiet.
  • The hot baths with lavender oil are fantastic, you know that I am a fan of them and I do at least two a week. They serve to eliminate stress, fatigue and accumulated tensions, and you sleep like a little angel.
  • For tensional headaches generated by stress, it is best to go for a walk in the air before returning home, rather than throwing ourselves back to ibuprofen or paracetamol. There are also natural oils in roll on for the area of ​​the temples that go great, and for the most chronic cases of headache you can also treat the symptoms with homeopathy that can relieve you.
  • Sports, sports and sport. It is essential against stress, anxiety and everything bad that overwhelms us and exhausts daily. Even though I am exhausted, I do not fail my aquapilates class twice a week, I walk at least half an hour daily or I do 20 minutes of stationary bicycle, it is fundamental and the body appreciates it and notices it immediately, you are much calmer, in way, de-stress, you get less tired … Those who can go for a run, it is a wonder also against daily stress and gives a rush of energy that, to start or end the day, is phenomenal.
  • Yes, my famous weekly “pharaohs”, those moments in which I do scrubs, masks, I go to the Spa or I get a beauty treatment … also essential to disconnect and feel better with ourselves.
  • The food is the last tip that I put, but perhaps the most important, and it is more than proven that eating well is essential for our body and, also, for our stress. I have been eating a lot better for a while, eliminating sugar, since I used to drink a lot of sugar and I have reduced it a lot, and betting on real food, homemade food that you prepare, without buying prepared, pre-cooked, frozen or anything rare that enter us through the eyes but, when reading the ingredients, you feel that, directly, you are poisoning yourself.

These are just some steps that we should start to put into practice to feel better and fight against daily stress. I, really, think that I put into practice almost everyone, and you? Can you add one more to the list to have a healthier life and less stress?