Ottolock cinch lock Review

Ottolock cinch lock

The OTTOLOCK is a Cinch Combo Lock that consists of multiple layers of highly hardened steel bands reinforced with Kevlar and covered in Santoprene plastic to protect your bike from damage.

Light, compact and easy to use – that’s the OTTOLOCK combination lock for all sport and leisure activities. The lock is designed for short-stop security and protecting against theft opportunists. The compact OTTOLOCK security strap is more robust than you would suggest from its look – it easily withstands tensile forces of over 200 kg. Several high-strength fabric layers inside the abrasion-proof plastic make it very cut-resistant.

Use OTTOLOCK to secure bikes, ski / snow equipment, luggage, tools, camping equipment, surfboards, canoes / kayaks or other outdoor items you want to lock in a safe and easy way. The OTTO lock seems to handle screwdriver and wire cutter attacks. The highly hardened steel strips are very thin and layered, so that the lock is still flexible and flexible. Robust, yet resistant to cutting thanks to Kevlar reinforcement.

Despite the high security this compact lock offers, it is lightweight and flexible to perfectly fit into jersey pockets and saddle bags. Besides, you don’t need any key to open it (that tends to get lost easily). Simply choose an individual code and let it click into place – done. With the clever OTTOLOCK strap, there’s no more reason why you shouldn’t secure your bike.

The locking head has a three-digit combination lock that can be adjusted to the numbers of your choice. While the current version is made of aluminum, the team at OTTO DesignWorks says it can use zinc for the production version as “weight is very important”.

It is available in three colors and three lengths
Available in three lengths 18in (45cm), 30in (76cm) and 60in (150cm) and three colors the OTTOLOCK should satisfy the needs of both the Lycra Brigade and the occasional rider.

The OTTO DesignWorks team places the OTTOLOCK cinch lock somewhere between a cable lock and a U-Lock in terms of security. While we do not even have a hand to test when the bolt cutters they touch the tape with the campaign video, all indications are, it’s a sure bet that your bike will still be where you are going when you leave the cafe.

Ottolock cinch lock

The lock is small and flexible enough to roll up to the size of a 700c tube and will easily fit in a jersey pocket or saddlebag.

OTTOLOCK cinch lock points out that all locks can be compromised with the right tools and enough time, but they have tested the tape for cutting (bolt cutters, wire cutters, single and compound shears), tape torsion, picking head pegs, head impact and assembly traction tensile test. After its review, the current version of the OTTOLOCK has undergone 20 iteration cycles, five locking head designs and it takes over 400 pounds of force to pull the lock apart – the company says the production version exceeds this figure.

Details of OTTOLOCK cinch lock:
· Security strap with combo lock
· 3-digit code (1000 different combinations possible)
· Easy to use, even with gloves on
· Very light and packable (coils to a diameter under 8 cm)
· Made of several flexible band layers
· High protection against cutting with pliers or saw
· Silicone band to fix the strap
· Paint-friendly plastic coating made of Santoprene®
· Thermally formed, abrasion-resistant teeth
· Shape-retaining in heat and cold
· Resistant to corrosion, weather and wear
· Multi-layer steel and Kevlar® bands
· Lock body made of impact-resistant aluminium, coated with Cerakote®
· Combination lock individually adjustable
· For versatile use – sport, leisure and travel
· Medium security level for short-stop security
· Dimensions: 18 mm wide band in different lengths
· The effective length is 3 cm below the total length
· Weight: approx. 120 g (46 cm), 155 g (76 cm)
· Without mount

TIP: For the locking OTTOLOCK cinch lock mount to attach your OTTOLOCK to the frame or seat post of your bike

Note: Make sure to fix all bands of the lock with the strap for transport. Fasten the lock bands as tight as possible when locking the lock to offer as little attack surface as possible.

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