Spiral cutter Review and Guide

Spiral cutter Review and Guide

Of them, this healthy and delicious trend would probably not have escaped, whether in social media or various magazines. Everywhere you can see the delicious vegetable pasta, as a substitute for the usual pasta. The low carbohydrate and delicious vegetables make these noodles popular not only with vegetarians and people who want to lose weight, but have become part of everyday life in many households. In this article, we have taken a closer look at the corresponding Spiral cutters, which bring the vegetables into the appropriate spaghetti shape. In our spiral cutter test we want to share our experiences with you. Furthermore, we want to ensure that you have a perfectly functioning “Spiralizer” for your taste experience at home.

Why you should have a spiral cutter in your kitchen

The cutting tools of our kitchen are, in addition to ceramic knives , mandolins, graters, peelers and spiralizers. The spiral cutters are not only to make beautiful spirals of vegetables, also make them spaghetti with zucchini, carrot, beet, cucumber …. with which besides decorating, you can prepare delicious spaghetti of raw vegan cooking .

If you want to adopt new diet habits and seek a healthy diet by making rich and provocative dishes what you need is the best kitchen spiralizer on the market. This Japanese invention has become a very viable alternative to prepare foods that include more vegetables and vegetables in meals.

Well, let’s face it, is there anyone who does not love pasta dishes? So we definitely do not know anybody and do not belong to it. After a while it can happen that the usual spaghetti gets boring . To this day, more and more people are feeding more consciously and healthier. Accordingly, carbohydrates and especially wheat do not belongmore into every single meal. Here, the spiral cutter provides the optimal solution, so that you can process any kind of vegetables into delicious noodles. With plenty of time, flair and work, you could of course cut the tasty noodles by hand with a knife. But why difficult if it is also simple, enjoyable and better .

Why the vegetable noodles are just better

Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer

Pasta dishes prepared with pasta spiral pasta are much poorer in carbohydrates, but with many more benefits. Because if you test a spiral cutter, you will soon realize that this is the best way to cover the daily healthy vegetable needs delicious and easy. Thus, they have the usual pasta sauce, only with more vitamins, nutrients, fiber flavor and less carbohydrates and calories. In addition, a spiral cutter offers the possibility to prepare countless different delicious vegetable combinations. Thus, you can, for example, the classic Simply combine zucchini pasta with the right vegetables of your choice. This offers much more options and a much better taste sensation than traditional plain wheat noodles. But you will notice that very clearly, if you yourself test a spiral cutter.

Delicious dishes, creative decoration and healthy alternative

As you know, the eye always eats to some extent. Accordingly, a spiral cutter offers you the perfect opportunity to serve your dishes individually and especially well . Accordingly, with the use of a spiral cutter , this particular restaurant feel could easily fetch into their own kitchen and living room . With the use of a Spiralizer succeeds not only the 5-star taste, but also the 5-star look of their favorite dish.

Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer

No matter if cucumber, celery, peppers, potatoes, zucchini, apple or even kohlrabi and much more. With a suitable spiral cutter, you can perfectly shape and process almost any kind of food.

Benefits of using a spiralizer

-Diet healthy and nice

For all those who are caring for their figure, blood sugar levels, moving away from carbohydrates or eating a gluten-free diet, should acquire a spiralizer.

-Fast and efficient

This kitchen utensil makes preparing vegetables fast, safe, fun and efficient. In a two by three you will have a bowl full of vegetables, fruits or vegetables of your choice.

If you cook spiral tubers you will save a lot of time and add vitamins to your dishes, as well as color and flavor.

-Variety and versatility

The variety of dishes that you can prepare with a spiral vegetable cutter is amazing. This is a tremendous opportunity to incorporate healthy and fresh foods to the palate of the children.

What foods can be spiralized?

Among the fruits are apples, melon, banana and pear

The best spiraling vegetables are the hard ones like broccoli, zucchini, beet, turnip, cucumber, potato, sweet potato, radish, peppers and cabbage.

On what we have paid attention to in the spiral cutter test reports

There are now countless products that have a more or less handy applications. Accordingly, the spiral cutter testers have these different products practically put under the microscope. This in possible your close look at the respective advantages and disadvantages of the individual products, which we summarize in various individual contributions to share with you. Accordingly, with our spiral cutter test reports , you can easily find the perfect “Vegetable spiralizer” for your needs.

The questions and criteria in the spiral cutter test
In the contributions to the pictured products, you will find among other things the answers to the following questions:

Quality and workmanship of the product

Application and functionality

This category includes various individual factors, such as the stability of the spiral cutter. This ultimately led to conclusions as to which material was used and how high-quality the production was. Of course, we also take exactly the processing of the product under the magnifying glass. This is especially important in the usual plastic housings. Because as you may already know from various other kitchen utensils, one or the other careless act can happen during the whole confusion during cooking. Of course, it would be a shame if such poorly assembled components did not last long or the device could break down quickly. In addition, the sharpness of the corresponding cutting blades in this category is also important. This, of course, just as important for the end result, as these should wear out as little as possible and cut any kind of fruit or vegetables effectively.

Accordingly, we take a special look in the spiral cutter test that the design of the “Spiralizer” is of high quality and durable .


The showcase example of a high quality and extremely durable is the ” OXO Good Grips 3-Blade Tabletop Spiralizer¬†” Lurch brand . Accordingly, this is also our favorite among the devices with a crank in the spiral cutter test.

Application and functionality

The next point in the spiral cutter test is about the practicality and functionality of the product. On the one hand, on the one hand, of course, first of all the consideration of the included accessories. Then we check the functionality and result.

For this purpose, we check whether the eventual leftovers exist and how well they fulfill their function. Furthermore, we check the ergonomics of the whole device to check how pleasant and long-term the application is. Also relevant is the type and the presence of finger protection in the application.

Although the risk of injury when spiral cutter is not very high, but some models include a kind of finger protection included. Especially since one often tends to be distracted or not paying close attention to the ease of use, we find this to be appropriate and meaningful.


A few high-quality spiral cutters with crank have a collecting container. On the one hand, this is perfectly suitable in case you want to process larger quantities of fruits or vegetables in corresponding noodles. But it is also perfect for conveniently storing leftovers or pre-prepared noodles in the fridge.


The next point in the spiral cutter test is relatively self-explanatory, because where cut and where fruit and vegetables is reduced arise also always leftovers. Accordingly, these residues inside and outside the unit are subsequently cleaned or disposed of. It may be more or less tricky depending on the processing of the device to get to the appropriate places. Thus we are in this category practical effort it is needed to clean the spiral cutter after the appropriate application again.

Price-performance ratio and conclusion

Finally, we do our spiral cutter test, of course, with a corresponding comparison of price and performance. And this is followed, of course, by our conclusion, which once again deals with the most important points of the product and finally points out who this product is suitable for. And how our personal rating for the above categories turned out.

( For the very impatient – our favorite in the spiral cutter test what the price / performance ratio is in terms clearly the “OXO Good Grips 3-Blade Tabletop Spiralizer¬†“)

The different types of equipment in the spiral cutter test simply explained

In order to make the best purchasing decision, it is of course important that the corresponding spiralizer also serves its purpose and provides the perfect handling for you. Accordingly, we have tested the three different types of models in our spiral cutter test . Thus, one differentiates namely between spiral cutter with crank, the strip cutter without a crank and the simplified Julienne kitchen peeler.

Spiral cutter with crank

As the name suggests, these devices can be operated with the appropriate hand crank. Accordingly, these devices take up a little more space . In this type of construction, the vegetables, or the food finally to be processed, are impaled by the pointed connecting rod. Then , using the outer crank of the corresponding handle, you move the inwardly inclined blades in a rotational movement about their own axis. Through the appropriate crank movement , the device then cuts your favorite foods into perfect strips or noodles.

The corresponding simple use of the crank allows a particularly pleasant and effective food processing. Accordingly, you need neither overly much force particularly a lot of time to prepare for a larger amount of strips or noodles. In addition, these models are available in horizontal or vertical design as needed. We also found it particularly appealing that the devices from manufacturers such as Lurch are still supplied with attachments . These allow you to customize the width of the strips to suit your needs .

Advantages and disadvantages of a spiral cutter with crank


This type of spiral cutter is especially recommended for vegetarian or vegan persons, who would like to process vegetables or corresponding fruit regularly and in larger quantities . Otherwise, this type of spiral cutter is of course also perfect for anyone who likes to pre-cook his meals, cooks regularly for several people or just tends to prepare vegetable strips or vegetable noodles.


However, with these models, it should be noted that the cheaper options, which are primarily constructed with lightweight plastic parts, have problems with handling harder foods . Thus, the slicing of potatoes, radishes or kohlrabi can sometimes be a bit difficult. In addition, the device must often be taken apart for effective cleaning, which is not particularly difficult, but for more comfortable people anyway worth mentioning.

Spiral cutter without crank

This model will probably put them back a little in the school time , in which one or the other pencil or colored pencil had to be sharpened . Because with the strip cutters without a crank , you also press the corresponding food into the template and then turn it. The lower position of the cutter is located in a correspondingly sharp blade, which the fruit, vegetables or food quasi by the rotation in a long strip cuts.


Due to the simple yet ingenious design of these products, these models are particularly easy to clean. Furthermore, it can also handle the sturdy construction and the extended extra sharp blade easily with particularly hard and crisp foods. Accordingly, these devices are very durable, space-saving and easy to transport. With a price of just 12 euros on average, the spiral cutter without crank are also particularly favorable.


In contrast to the simple and ergonomic use of the spiral cutter with crank, the application of this product is a bit more laborious. On the one hand, it takes longer of course to turn the food almost by hand through the device. On the other hand, it is also far more exhausting, because you have to turn the vegetable strips usually manually yourself. In addition, of course, that I rather spherical food difficult as apples, potatoes and eggplant until not with the device edit leave.

Our final opinion :

Without any doubt, we were most convinced by the use of a device with a crank in the spiral cutter test . These devices are easy to handle, allow easy processing of multiple foods, and ultimately provide even and delicious stripes.


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