Reolink Argus surveillance camera

Reolink was founded in 2009 and specializes in the development and manufacture of Reolink argus surveillance camera and matching accessories. Currently, the company offers products in the following lines:

  • wireless surveillance cameras
  • Indoor cameras for the smart home
  • Wi-Fi & PoE cameras & NVR
  • complete surveillance camera systems
  • Reolink attaches particular importance to the development of its products with “plug and play” technologies to make installation and commissioning as easy as possible for the customer.

The Reolink Argus at a glance:

Reolink Argus Surveillance Camera – The wireless security for the house in the testDimensions: 15 x 12,4 x 8,2 cm
Weight: 522 g
Weatherproof design
100% wireless
Place & move everywhere
Up to 180 days of standby time
Two-way audio
1080p Full HD
130 ° wide-angle view
PIR motion detector
Intelligent alarms
Excellent night vision
Two-way audio
remote access
Battery Notifications
Supports rechargeable batteries
Fast wake-up

Reolink Argus surveillance camera
                            Reolink Argus surveillance camera


1 x Reolink Argus Security Camera
1 x magnetic holder
1 x slip-on bracket
1 x attachment adapter
4 x battery
1 x mounting material
1 x manual

Installation of the Reolink Argus surveillance camera:

The Reolink Argus is packed with accessories in a very compact box. Before commissioning, we still had to buy a micro SD card to use this for the recordings of the camera.
The Argus looks like an oversized tic-tac. It is very robust and excellently processed. Inside the case there is a sealing ring, as the camera is also weatherproof. So no moisture can penetrate into the housing. The surveillance camera should be installed on the front door of Danny’s parents’ house. You have two different ways to attach the Reolink Argus. First, you can put them on a pen (which is included) and screw them to the wall. In this variant, however, only the “horizontal” adjustment of the position is possible.

Therefore, we decided on the second mounting variant, in which a bracket is attached to the wall. The surveillance camera is magnetically attached to this bracket and can be rotated in almost any position. However, you should ALWAYS make sure that no public space (for example, the sidewalk) or parts of neighbor’s property are monitored and filmed. If someone complains about it, you can come in hell’s kitchen. Because that would not be legal.

Before that, however, we opened the Reolink Argus to use the Micro SD card and batteries. Then we could turn on the camera already. There is a QR code on the case that gives you direct access to the app needed to operate the camera. If you open the app after the installation, you will be assisted by a verbal wizard when commissioning the camera.

First you have to connect the camera with the app and the WLAN. If this happens, you can already see what the camera would film. You can now make various settings in the app. So you can give the camera, for example, a name. smith’s home now simply call her “front door.” If you take several cameras in operation and control the app, so you can immediately select by name, which camera you want to call.

In addition, you must also set the date and time at the beginning of the installation.

Reolink Argus Surveillance Camera:

The wireless security for the house in the test Further more, you can make several settings on the so-called PIR sensor, so the motion detector. So you can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor. The more sensitive he is, the faster he triggers an alarm. With the alarm one can adjust whether an acoustic alarm sound should be started (relatively loudly), whether push messages and an email should be sent, if it is released and in this case immediately a recording should be started, which then on the SD Card is saved.

In smith’s home, we have set the motion detector low, so that not every “shadow” alarm is triggered immediately and a recording starts. If you open the app, you always see the current live view. Here you can start, for example, a manual recording.

In the so-called playback area you can see on the basis of a timeline with rashes, when the motion detector was triggered. With the finger you can then scroll into a time range with recordings and select a more concrete time via a second timeline. If you now click on Play, you can look at what has been recorded. At the end of the selected recording, the app jumps immediately to the next recording, which was started by the motion sensor.

Reolink Argus Surveillance Camera – The wireless security for the house in the testThe operation is so very easy and comfortable.

By the way, you also have the option to use the Reolink Argus as a kind of intercom. Imagine, you are on the way and an alarm is triggered.

If you look at the live view and find something weird about, for example, someone is bothering you at the door, just activate the audio function and ask “hello, what are you doing?”. What do you think, how fast this person will then move away from your property.

Or you are expecting a visit and are late for something. The visit is already at the door. Then you could tell him via the audio feature of the Reolink Argus that you’ll be there in a few minutes and he should wait a moment. Practical, right?

Reolink Argus Surveillance Camera – The wireless security for the house in the test We were particularly curious about the night shot of the surveillance camera. These are also very good. You can see relatively many details, so that the camera also at night and with appropriate shots sufficiently good “material” supplies.

The simple installation via “Plug & Play” is driven to the extreme by Reolink in that it is extremely easy to “connect” the camera with other smartphones in the app. Simply install the app on the respective smartphone. On the smartphone with the original installation and configuration you call up a QR code and read it off in the Reolink app on the other smartphone, so to speak, and the surveillance camera is already connected to the app on the second smartphone. So easy-peasy. For other devices (ie smartphones or tablets) you do not have to do the entire initial installation.

we are absolutely thrilled with the Reolink Argus surveillance camera. It is extremely high quality and relatively small, so that it can be installed well in the door area, without disturbing.

Reolink Argus Surveillance Camera – The wireless security for the house in the test However, the highlights are the easy startup, the intuitive control and operation of the app, the high functionality and the very sharp shots. Also the night shots surprised positively.

In addition, the supplied batteries really seem to last a very long time because the camera is usually in stand-by mode unless the motion sensor strikes. We put the camera into operation three weeks ago and after the current battery level indicator, only about 5% of the capacity have been used up. You can also operate the surveillance camera with suitable batteries. These are relatively expensive. Nonetheless, we are now considering adding two sets of batteries, so you always have a full set of batteries on hand when the batteries are dead.

Now i am feeling a lot safer in the house lately because we had to go to the work and then my son was alone in the house. The Reolink Argus a reassuring, sure feeling.

Reolink Argus Surveillance Camera – The wireless security for the house in the test Although my son finds it a bit “spooky”, that we always knew exactly when he left the house and came back. Because always triggered of course the motion detector and started a recording :-). But now he just has to go through.

Of course, beyond that, of course, is that the camera can be completely operated in battery mode and you do not have to lay a cable and drill a hole in the wall.

Furthermore, the magnetic holder is absolutely great. The camera sits extremely tight and you can turn it in almost any position.

Due to the high quality, the ease of use, the high resolution, the weather resistance as well as the many functions and the excellent price-performance ratio, the Reolink Argus surveillance camera receives the highest score.