Garments that you use daily and damage your health

Certain types of clothing may pose a risk to your well-being and you do not know it. There are numerous garments and accessories that can cause serious damage to health . Next, we detail some of them and the possible consequences that their use can generate.

Tight jeans


The tight jeans arrived for a few decades to revolutionize fashion and invite all girls to be more daring and sexy.It is true that this garment highlights the figure and can help to better highlight the curves of the body. However, using it has several health risks that most women ignore.Several medical studies have found that “skinny jeans” and other tight-fitting fashion garments can be major causes of circulation problems, digestive disorders and numbness of the legs. Is it worth risking health?

Dangers of wearing tight jeans
Very tight pants affect the femoral nerve , as several studies suggest. In addition, a very frequent use of this garment can also cause circulatory problems and cause injury to the muscles and nerves. By intervening in blood circulation, tight jeans also have a negative impact on heart health . These garments subject the body to strong pressure, the veins begin to compress and can cause thrombi or blood clots, tissue necrosis, increased risk of infarction and even risk of death.

High heel shoes

high heel shoes
high heel shoes

While heels enhance the female figure, so in some jobs are an obligation, the use of these for a long time can lead to health problems.
High -heeled shoes cause the weight of the whole body to move from the heels to the toes . This can cause wear of the cartilage of the fingers and knees, but also lumbar problems may also appear. It is advisable not to make excessive use of this type of shoes. The use of heels in an “indiscriminate” way, can generate traumatic injuries due to a loss of stability that hinders balance, which increases the risk of falls and can lead to ankle sprains.

According to scientific studies, a female shoe with an eight-centimeter high heel causes seven times more effort on the tip of the foot than an inch, so experts recommend using low shoes and wide toe to avoid causing damage to the fingers .

Dressing continuously with tracksuits can be dangerous for your health. This is due to some metals that the fabric of these clothes has, as a study of the Rovira i Virgili University concluded. That is why it is best to alternate this garment with other fabrics .

The belts can become very dangerous if they are too tightened . It can cause problems in the leg due to the pressure exerted. Also the digestion can be affected if the belt is too tight after eating.


tight ties
tight ties

In the event that the ties are too tight, the intraocular pressure will increase, which can lead to glaucoma and even blindness .

The thongs can become a perfect place to house bacteria , something very harmful to health. They can generate urinary and vaginal infections . Therefore, the best health will be to alternate it with another type of underwear .