The Giant Float Diamond Ring

Give the “yes” to spend the summer in the sea or the pool with this giant float Diamond ring  with a large diamond.

giant diamond ring float
giant diamond ring float


We present the most original engagement ring. A float that has the shape of a giant diamond ring. The ring is golden in color to look like gold and at the top it has a huge boulder simulating the diamond.

Celebrate your commitment to summer, sun and fun with this original giant float in the shape of an engagement ring. Gilded and crowned with a huge diamond, it is an ideal accessory for the beach, the pool and parties in style.

The giant diamond ring float is made with very durable and durable vinyl, it is very easy to clean and store and measures 109 centimeters in diameter. To inflate it, we recommend using an electric pump so you do not hyperventilate, more than anything …Giant Float Diamond Ring

This summer you will reign on social networks with this float designed to enjoy summer big time

If you want to ask for an original marriage or you want to make a joke to your friends, bachelor party or just relax on a giant diamond, this is your float.

Get on the giant diamond ring float and you will be the most fun of the beach or pool. This summer, enjoy like never before!

Giant Float Diamond Ring

Who can like it?
Those who like to make jokes with friends and family. You can also like those people who are passionate about jewelry.

It is an ideal float that can serve us in pool parties (parties with swimming pool), on the beach or as a decoration on a hand request.

Material: Vinyl
Inflatable / Inflatable
Dimensions approx. Swollen: 157.48 x 109.22 x 58.42 cm
Easy to clean, inflate / deflate and store

Who can I give it to?
It is the perfect gift to give your friends more shirts and swimmers this summer.


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