The top 5 best pressure cookers 2018 – comprehensive Guide

5 best pressure cookers

You want to buy the 5 best pressure cookers. Or the best pressure cooker. Besides, what’s the difference?
The principle of pressure cooking was discovered in the 17th century by Denis Papin. The pressure cooker is a designated appliance, created and patented by the Seb brand. For all other brands, only the term pressure cooker is available.

A pressure cooker is a pressure cooker , and vice versa, at least in everyday language. Because it is not only Seb that offers such a device, Tefal and Instant Pot , to name a few, also offers  5 best pressure cookers

To accompany you in your purchase, I offer a complete guide on pressure cookers in kitchen . You’ll find everything and even more to compare the pressure cookers and to buy the best device.

What is a pressure cooker?

A pressure cooker is a cooking appliance that allows you to steam, boil, simmer or sterilize jars . It mainly allows the use of pressure for cooking up to three times faster than conventional cooking.

It is a device that was marketed in its current form in the 1950s and was an immediate success. Because it not only allows you to cook faster, but it is no longer necessary to monitor the cooking.

How to choose your pressure cooker?

In addition to the price, which should always take the time to consult, I propose a series of comparison criteria. The pressure cookers are devices whose operation is always the same, but which, over time, are enriched with options and more or less relevant elements. It’s up to you to find what you need.

The capacity
The pressure cookers can have a capacity ranging from 3 to 10 liters. It is considered that 4 liters are suitable for 2 to 4 people and that 8 liters can cook for 5 to 8 people. Some models are identical in design, but with different capacities.

Cooking modes
It’s about looking at the number of programs and the difference between them. Indeed, if by default the pressure cooker allows to cook pressure, more and more models offer variations.

The opening system
There are various systems of opening / closing the casserole, which are often linked to the brand, each with its small specificities. The ideal is to turn to a system that can be manipulated with one hand. The other hand can hold the dish for ease.

Compatibility with cooking fires
This is a detail that does not interest everyone. But if you have induction hobs, make sure the pressure cooker of your dreams is suitable for all types of fires. The information must be specifically mentioned: “compatible with induction hobs”.

The options
One of the most common options is the presence of a timer. Otherwise, opportunities are rare, but manufacturers know how to be imaginative.

Security systems
A pressure cooker is a pressure cooker that can be dangerous. In addition to the basic safety rules during cooking, it is best to opt for a device that is difficult to open, especially if you live with children.
Indeed, simply lifting the lid during cooking can cause severe burns.

So all pressure cookers are secure, but some more than others.

The top 5 best pressure cookers 2018  Selling in

I suggest you take a quick tour of the best pressure cookers, appliances rated by consumers. You will find a wide variety of devices in a constantly updated selection.

No1 Best Selling Cooker in Amazon

Rating: 4.5 of 5
No2 Best Selling Cooker in Amazon

Rating: 4.4 of 5
No3 Best Selling Cooker in Amazon

Rating: 4.5 of 5
No4 Best Selling Cooker in Amazon

Rating: 4.5 of 5
No5 Best Selling Cooker in Amazon

Rating: 4.2 of 5

Why buy an electric pressure cooker?
For many people, the pressure cooker is essential in a kitchen. Indeed, it allows to divide by three the cooking time . So it only takes 10 minutes for steamed potatoes.

In addition, the device requires to remain closed during all the cooking, so we can go to other occupations. It’s even easier to do with devices with a timer.

Where to buy a pressure cooker?
The pressure cookers are sold everywhere, in hypermarkets or supermarkets, Amazon and many others.

The price of a pressure cooker?
A pressure cooker is a relatively economical cooking appliance . It is within the reach of all and I must say that no woman from the Mediterranean could cook without!

A cheap pressure cooker costs around 59-69$. For the most advanced models, it costs up to 180 $. In general for this price, we take advantage of various options as a timer.

Where to find a cheap pressure cooker?
To find a pressure cooker cheap and good quality, there are no secrets: it will have to wait. Indeed, the easiest way to see the price fall is to take advantage of balances, Black Friday and end of series. We can also take advantage of specials on Amazon, which are very variable from one product to another and throughout the year.

How to use a pressure cooker?
The principle of the casserole is really simple.

We start by depositing a bottom of water, then we set up the steam basket. The various ingredients are then put in the basket. The pressure cooker is closed and we start to heat. As soon as the assembly is under pressure , air escapes and a hissing sound is heard.

It is only from this moment that we count the cooking time.
Before opening the casserole, remember to let the appliance cool to avoid accidents.

On the maintenance side, the pressure cooker can be put in the dishwasher . Just think about changing the joint every year . And if you are afraid of not finding the right model, buy the right seal directly with your new casserole and set it aside.

The different types of pressure cookers
In general when one thinks pressure cooker, one visualizes a type model pressure cooker. But there are other types of pressure cookers, to know before buying.

Electric pressure cooker
The pressure cooker is almost a multicooker. It works with electricity and does not need an external heat source.

Steam pressure cooker
The steam cooker is an electrical appliance that is composed of one or more baskets. It is also presented as a steamer because it does not allow any other cooking.

Induction pressure cooker
We speak of pressure cooker for induction when we highlight the fact that it is possible to use this type of pressure cooker on induction plates. But this also means that it is suitable for all other types of fires.

Multifunction pressure cooker
The multifunction pressure cooker is also called multicooker . It allows you to prepare dishes from very different cooking, such as steaming or simmered dishes.

What can be cooked in a pressure cooker?
The pressure cooker is primarily based on pressure cooking. This makes it possible to speed up the cooking of potatoes, artichokes, cauliflowers, beets or even chickpeas and chestnuts.

With a good recipe book for pressure cooker, you can engage in many dishes . Some only use this as soon as they receive guests. One can thus launch into a pot in the fire, a veal blanquette, beef bourguignon, the tongue of beef, the hen with the pot, the calf’s head, the roast pork, etc.

Be careful, only the rice cooker can make Japanese rice, sushi rice.

How to clean a pressure cooker?
First of all we avoid scratching the bottom of the pressure cooker to avoid damaging the coating. If the food has attached, use a wooden spatula to remove the larger one. Then a mixture of water and baking soda can be boiled for one minute. Or we can let stand white vinegar mixed with hot water.

And for daily maintenance, it is done gently, in the same way that we clean the pans.

What I like
The main advantage is the simplicity of use . We prepare the ingredients, we put them all in the casserole and you’re done. In addition if you do not know where to start, there are many cooking sites that share recipes. This is one of the advantages of buying a device that is over 60 years old.

Moreover the fast cooking time and the possibility of cooking a lot of dishes, makes that the whole family appreciates it quickly.

What I do not like
There is a hand to take to cook with a pressure cooker. It’s about knowing the recipes, but also the cooking times and not getting lost. In other words, devices with smart timers are really the most convenient to use.

I must say that preparing this article for you, made me want to spend in the kitchen! I dream of a good chicken with pineapple …

And I hope that soon you can also enjoy the good dishes that your pressure cooker will help you prepare.

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